Sales Strategy You Need To Get A Commitment

Exit Principle: The Sales Strategy You Need To Get A Commitment

In 2001, on 9/11, a good friend of mine, John Cerqueira, was on the 81st floor when a plane hit the building in the North Tower. 

But instead of him bolting from the building, he stopped to help a woman in a wheelchair down 80 flights of stairs. Because of his heroics, he was invited to be on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Now, he was in the middle of writing a book, and as we know Oprah’s pretty famous about promoting books. But he didn’t say anything to Oprah about promoting the book or getting her advice on the book, or potentially being on her book club. 

So what do you think the probability is John getting a meeting with Oprah after he leaves Chicago? Very low. 

Here’s the principle that applies to us: The probability of getting a second meeting greatly diminishes after you leave the building. If you want to advance the opportunity, determine what’s the next best event for the decision maker to evaluate your solution and get a commitment to that event while you’re there. 

Once you leave, you probably will never get another meeting. So if you can’t send a meeting invite with a time and a date, you don’t have a commitment. 
Check out our sales management and sales strategy podcast, sAles with ASLAN, episode 12, where we talk with John Cerqueira about his heroic act, what it means to Other Centered®, and more. 

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