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Need to improve the way your sales organization finds, converts, and grows customers? ASLAN® can help.

Reframe your selling.

The percentage of decision makers who are receptive to a meeting or embracing a new solution is small — very small. And if the customer is emotionally unreceptive, your value prop, your insights, and your solution don’t matter. Therefore, in our sales training programs we start by teaching a radical approach to converting the disinterested: Stop selling and focus on enhancing receptivity.

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Sales training only works if it’s 100% relevant to the rep’s role, tactical, holistic, and customized. That's why generic sales training methodologies fail. Your organization is unique. Your sellers are unique. Therefore, custom must be standard.

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Certify your sales leaders.

Dramatic change requires more than a sales training program — it requires commitment. Our proprietary certification program empowers sales leaders to ignite the passion for change, manage the metrics, and develop their team’s ability to sell.

The sales industry is shifting.

Are your sales reps following an outdated formula for gaining access to new prospects? Hear directly from our President, Marc Lamson, on how your sales team can adjust to new trends and increase the receptivity of your customers.


When ASLAN was hired, our goal was to grow from just under $700 million to $2 Billion. We achieved the goal in just 3 years and ASLAN played a key role. Not only do they have the best sales development programs but their ability to learn our business and customize the program was exactly what we needed to transition our sales force.

Director of Learning
Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company

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Selling is hard.

Finding great sales training programs shouldn’t be. If you’re ready to train your sellers and serve your customers better, we’re here to help.