ASLAN®. One of the Top Sales Training Companies.

What we believe.

Probably the best way to quickly get to know us is to know what we value. Here are the core beliefs that drive our culture, build our top sales training programs, and frame how we serve our clients. This is what makes us one of the best sales training companies.


It only matters if it matters to them.

We are most fulfilled and effective when we serve.


Receptivity has more impact than messaging.

If someone is emotionally closed, the more you attempt to persuade them, the more closed they become.


Unique is standard.

Every company is unique. Therefore, they require a unique solution.


What works in life
works here.

If we apply the truths in our programs to our personal relationships, life improves.


If we teach it,
we live it.

What we do speaks far more eloquently than what we say.


Purpose and people
over profits. Always.

Enough said.

Meet the team.




As Co-founder and CEO, Tom’s primary role is to create content that helps people live, sell, and serve more effectively.




As President of ASLAN, Marc is responsible for all day-to-day operations including our sales and marketing efforts and growing our success in helping our clients be Other-Centered®.



VP of Solutions

As VP of Solutions, Sean’s passion is developing and creating a learning experience that emotionally taps into each learner, matches ASLAN’s commitment to excellence, and exceeds our client’s wildest expectations.



VP of Training

As Co-founder and Training lead, Tab is responsible for developing our team of facilitators and blowing the minds of our workshop participants.



VP of Operations

As VP of Operations, Sandie owns all client engagements and is responsible for WOW-ing our customers.

Meet our facilitators.

FacilitatorsGraphicnew copy

At ASLAN, our sales training facilitators are thought leaders, industry experts, and powerful relationship builders that know what it takes to truly influence and encourage receptivity. They’re also approachable and fun, because we know that confidence — and a laugh — are essential to growing strong connections. But the really important part is this: They love what they do. For us, that’s what defines a great teacher, and what makes ASLAN one of the best sales training companies.

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In the beginning ...

We often get asked the meaning behind our name. The short story? It is not an acronym for sales terminology; it’s the very foundation and influence behind what we bring to the table. The long story? Read below as our founding partner recounts the hairy tale.

Let’s talk.

We’re not like other sales training companies. We apply our custom approach to your unique organization. Ready to know how we can you navigate the toughest sales challenges? Get in touch — we’re excited to get started.