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We eliminate the top two reasons sales managers don't coach

Understand why effective sales coaching
is the foundation for results-based transformation

A catalyst is someone who inspires and accelerates change in others. You might call them a coach, but they are very different from so many who merely track performance and keep score. A catalyst understands that incentive plans, training classes, and performance scorecards are not enough to change behavior.


A Different Approach


Teams get engaged when their sales leadership embraces an Other-Centered® approach to leadership. Other-Centered® leaders know that success with their team comes when they focus on helping each member achieve their personal goals. They understand that the desire to change must come from within and that no combination of sticks and carrots can help a rep who lacks the intrinsic desire to change.


Selling is very similar to athletics. If a golf coach understands the fundamentals of coaching but can't accurately diagnose the root cause of the performance gap and provide unique exercises to address those gaps, the student won't improve. This is why generic coaching models simply don't work.


Lasting change happens in one-to-one sessions, not in a workshop. But to succeed, managers must learn a repeatable process and key skills for coming alongside their team members. Once your managers have learned to diagnose skill gaps and develop solutions, we train them on the sales leadership tactics of inspiring and motivating reps to heed their guidance. ASLAN teaches professional sales coaching that equips managers with the skills needed to lead.

Customer Testimonial

“Of all the initiatives we’ve rolled out this year, ASLAN’s Catalyst program has been the star of the show. Your process, your ability to understand our DNA, and to align with our culture was truly amazing.”

Why Do Most Training Initiatives Fail?

What can be more daunting than launching a company-wide initiative, the success of which is ultimately determined by people who talk for a living? Bottom line – it better work. Bad news – most sales training initiatives fail to deliver.

Is your sales training initiative failing? Are your sales leaders able to move beyond the conceptual model and provide real-time insights that drive results? If you are investing in sales training curriculum that is falling short, chances are you are making one of six common mistakes.

Download your complimentary eBook today and discover the top six pitfalls to avoid when developing a training program or evaluating potential outside training partners.