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The roles have changed and the customers have changed. The skills and strategies needed today are vastly different from those that worked just a few years ago. To make matters worse, the one person who can make the most difference – the front line manager – either doesn’t have the time or lacks the ability to coach their team properly. But that’s something we can change.

What’s the Solution? Transform Your Leaders into Catalysts.

A catalyst is someone who inspires and accelerates change in others. You might call them a coach, but they are very different from so many sales leaders who “coach” by simply tracking performance and keeping score. A true catalyst coach understands that incentive plans, training classes, and performance scorecards are not enough to change behavior. Your reps need leaders who really understand how to inspire and drive lasting behavior change – a catalyst.

The Catalyst Workshop is designed to transform your sales leaders where they learn to Lead, Diagnose & Develop.

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What Participants of the Catalyst™ Workshop are Saying


“We significantly turned around our sales organization in 6 months. We did this without providing any direct sales training, but by utilizing ASLAN’s solution to train and develop 120 managers in their coaching skills to impact 1,000-1,500 reps.”


After reviewing our internal surveys, your session was the most relevant and highly rated of the meeting! I have attended trainings over the last 18 years of my career and this was truly the best of the best!”


"We realized a 30% increase in incremental revenue within six months of hiring ASLAN for one reason – we embraced their process to turn our managers into coaches.”