Progress is about continued application.

We’ve created the tools that transform, for both sellers and managers.

Your team has completed their training. Now it’s time to commit to ongoing sales development.

Classroom involvement alone doesn’t ensure success. You need targeted follow-up that helps your team apply new skills to real opportunities. With our learning sustainment tools, we support your sales reps and leaders as they navigate the transfer of knowledge to the workplace. Want to learn how? Here’s what we offer. 

Catalyst Dashboard

Our cloud-based dashboard simplifies and automates the representative development process. It ensures that sales leaders have visibility on the dials that matter: productivity, desire, and capability, and helps the manager get insight into what is keeping reps from hitting their number.

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Mobile app

Our ASLAN app delivers a 90-day reinforcement program with questions and mini-activities for learners on the go. Through repetition and AI that charts consistent troubled areas, our app optimizes the likelihood of retaining and applying content — all from your mobile device.


Digital Learning

The modern sales landscape is ultimately moving further away from conventional approaches, which means building influence can be harder than ever. Today's sellers are tasked with engaging a decision maker that doesn't want or need to be sold, and what they need is training that simplifies today's most effective methods as quickly and efficiently as possible. That's what led us to design and create our new digital version of the Other-Centered® Selling program.

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Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company

Of all the initiatives we’ve rolled out this year, ASLAN’s Catalyst program has been the star of the show. Your process, your ability to understand our DNA was truly amazing. You guys are freak’n awesome to work with! Every time I talked to one of our leaders they rave about the program. Not only was the program extremely successful but your people blew us away. Everyone we met with from ASLAN, were truly exceptional. We love our partnership with ASLAN.

Vice President of National Sales Training

Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company
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