Sales Leadership Training Programs

Do your sales managers know how to motivate and develop their sales teams or just deliver a scorecard?

Catalyst Sales Leadership Training Program
Transforms Sales Managers into Change Agents

Front-line sales managers have the single greatest impact on a sales rep's engagement and performance. Yet, most lack the ability or time to motivate and coach their team towards successful sales performance.

A catalyst leader is someone who accelerates and creates successful sales performance change within sales organizations. They don’t just meet with their sales professionals, talk numbers, and offer a few tips. A transformational sales leader doesn’t depend on scorecards, incentive plans, and sales training classes to hit their number. In the Catalyst sales leadership training program, sales leaders learn the mindset, strategies, and sales skills to impact the three primary drivers of performance in their sales professionals: desire, productivity, and capability.

Does your sales leadership need some love?

  • For your sales managers, is coaching just a conversation?
  • Are your sales leaders strategic, knowing where and how to invest their time to see the greatest ROI?
  • Do your sales managers adjust their approach and uniquely coach each sales team member, or do they have a “one size fits all” approach to coaching?
  • Do your sales leaders know how to measure and diagnose the root cause of poor performance in their sales teams?
  • Is your sales force intrinsically motivated to change the way they sell?
  • Do your sales managers have a catalog of development activities to address each unique skill gap?
  • Are you measuring the competencies that drive performance?

Are you depending on your management team to drive lasting behavioral change, or are you relying on training workshops to develop your sales force?

The Benefits

Most importantly, the sales leadership program produces sales results. New leaders who follow our process to becoming a Catalyst see an average increase of 44% in sales team performance over their peers. Beyond sales results, the leadership training program offers your sales leaders:



Our research shows that sales leaders waste almost two months per year on coaching strategies that yield little to no results. Our sales leadership training program will help coaches learn to align their development strategy to the four types of salespeople, creating more time to move the needle.



In addition to the sales leadership workshop, front line leaders walk away with key skills and tactical tools to diagnose sales performance, measure all the leading indicators – desire, productivity & competencies, and playbooks filled with developmental activities and resources to teach their salespeople core selling skills.



Leaders and sales managers will learn to assess the new and existing needs of their entire sales team and individual members to create a specific development plan, organized around each of the drivers of sales representatives’ performance – desire, productivity & capabilities.



Unlike other sales leadership training programs, development doesn’t stop at the end of our workshop. Your sales leaders work individually with an ASLAN consultant, ensuring accountability and adoption as they teach their salespeople new sales processes, selling skills, and sales strategy.

A Closer Look at the Catalyst® Program

The program starts with providing the one thing all leaders must provide: clarity. Our leadership development program is built on a simple model that illustrates the three drivers of performance - desire, productivity, and capabilities. Knowing the source of the problem allows the sales manager/leader/coach to quickly determine the most effective strategy, instantly increasing effectiveness and saving time.

Here are some highlights of the program:

  • Discover the need to shift from a two-dimensional approach to measuring performance to focusing on the four dimensions that determine performance (Desire, Productivity, Capability, and Results).
  • Learn how to create a unique success strategy for each the four types of sales team members – Achievers, Independents, Detractors & Strivers
  • Gain an understanding of why Other-Centered leaders drive higher engagement within sales organizations.
  • Explore the behavioral science and strategies to address the four emotional barriers to change.
  • Learn how to increase bandwidth and coaching ROI by becoming a more strategic coach and effective sales leader.
  • Gain greater clarity by defining metrics that matter.
  • Learn how to create customized, simple assessments to diagnose salespeople performance, built on the eight sales competencies.
  • Learn a coaching process that ensures alignment, results, and success.
  • Review how to create an individualized development plan, utilizing hundreds of development activities organized by sales competencies and 50+ behaviors.
  • Study a three-cycle process to certify leaders, ensuring they are fully capable, willing, and have the key skills to drive change.

What So Special About the ASLAN Sales Leadership Program – Catalyst?

Other-Centered Leadership Philosophy

The principles that help drive the leadership training program are timeless and built on the foundational truth that we are more fulfilled and effective when we serve others. Sellers are more effective when they serve the customer and leaders are more effective when they serve their sales team members. When leaders are Other-Centered®, their sales team members are more engaged, more willing to seek help and feedback, be accountable, and are more effective at leading their customers through the sales process to the right solution.

Catalyst Dashboard

Catalyst Dashboard is our cloud-based application that tracks performance, empowers sales, and simplifies coaching.

If management training performance can't be measured, it can't be improved. Catalyst Dashboard can help solve this problem for sales organizations. With key dials for productivity, engagement level, and capabilities, sales managers and team leaders can easily track each rep's progress and keep a pulse on critical KPIs.

By simplifying and automating the sales leadership training and coaching process, the Catalyst Dashboard provides sales leaders key insights into where they need to invest their time, how to discover root performance problems, and what they can do to bridge the gaps.

Catalyst Certification

Beyond the workshop, ASLAN ensures sales leaders can effectively serve as role-models for success; introducing the desired behaviors, accurately assessing skill gaps, and implementing the prescribed skill development path. After attending our CATALYST workshop, the sales leaders participate in a rigorous three-cycle process that includes:

  1. Calibration Sessions that equip sales managers to accurately assess skills, create an effective coaching strategy, and model the desired behaviors.
  2. Side-by-side Coaching Sessions where sales managers can both observe an ASLAN consultant leading a coaching session and subsequently be observed by and receive feedback from, an ASLAN consultant.
  3. Accountability to the development plan and coaching cadence created by the leadership team.

Unique is Standard

Generic methodologies don’t work. To coach and develop capabilities, one must first diagnose the problem, gain alignment on the barrier to performance, and finally create a relevant development plan. Therefore, ASLAN created diagnostic templates for each of the four types of sellers and the corresponding development activities needed to bridge the gap. Effective coaches don’t just offer strategies or lead collaborative coaching sessions, they need the tactical ability to diagnose and develop.

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