How do you guarantee that your training investment will pay off?

ASLAN’s engagement process drives training sustainment
in three essential steps. Here’s how they work.
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Your organization is unique. Your people are unique. Therefore, you need a rep and leadership development plan that is built specifically for you. We prepare by:

  • Assessing your sales organization’s competency level and desire to change. 
  • Customizing the program to each unique role. 
  • Ensuring alignment with senior leadership. 


Next, we ignite change by training your leaders and sellers. Here we offer:

  • Instructor-led workshops – onsite and virtual. 
  • Train the trainer certification. 

Regardless of the program or how it’s delivered, every module, every section is built on a simple framework:

  • Embrace — Why is it in my best interest to change?
  • Experience — Can you show me what it looks like in my world?
  • Execute — Can I practice it on a real account/opportunity?
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The change you're looking for doesn’t happen in a workshop. Transformation requires a commitment to an ongoing development process. To ensure sustainment, we offer:

  • Mobile apps, digital learning curriculum, and webinars to reinforce and measure knowledge transfer. 
  • Certification for front-line leaders
  • A cloud-based dashboard to simplify coaching and track the dials that drive change – desire, productivity, and competency. 

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If you are interested in learning more about our process and how we customize our approach, talk to one of our consultants or read about our philosophy. We’re not like other sales training companies — we're excited to get to know you and your unique goals.