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Inside Sales Account Manager Training

Customer service or inside sales? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

Other-Centered® Selling for Inside Sales will equip your ISR’s with a new approach to account management.

Other-Centered ® Selling - Inside Account Manager Training

Inside sales reps were hired to manage more than customer service questions, they were hired to sell a holistic solution to the right people. This requires a change in philosophy, a change in skills and a change in management.

The phone is different and managing and growing customers over the phone requires a unique set of skills. With our account manager program, ISRs will learn to:

  • Eliminate customer resistance, lessening the fear of moving beyond their comfort zone.
  • Shift roles from relationship manager to business partner.
  • Build a Relational Map and leverage existing relationships to gain access to business leaders.
  • Discover three levels of needs: product needs, project needs, and account/business needs.
  • Stop selling their favorite products/services and allow the customer’s needs to define a unique solution.
  • Demonstrate the business impact of a holistic solution without the luxury of an onsite presentation.
  • Transition from reactively “running a route” to following a strategic process to growing accounts and managing their account base.
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Unique is standard.

Your organization is unique. The challenges your reps face are unique. Your solution is unique. Therefore, you need one of our custom sales training programs. It’s part of our standard process to ensure every program is 100% relevant to every participant.


Within a year of implementing ASLAN’s complete account development process, we grew revenue 5% while customer demand was declining. And we saw incremental revenue growth of 46% within existing accounts.

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