Other-Centered® Selling

Business Development Reps (Inside & Field)

Do your sellers need to find and win more opportunities?

We’ve designed a program for the toughest challenges in sales — acquiring new accounts.

Other-Centered® Selling for Business Development Reps

More reps than ever are missing their quota. What's changed? The flood of available information seemingly makes reps less important and also diminishes their odds of rising above the noise.

This reality may be obvious but here's the truth that isn't: If the customer is emotionally unreceptive, your value prop, your insights, and your solution don't matter. To convert the disinterested, success doesn't start with a list of techniques, tricks, and tips. It starts by developing a radical approach to selling. It starts with being Other-Centered®.

With our Other-Centered® program, we establish a new mindset for your sellers so they are able to eliminate emotional resistance and answer the toughest questions like:

  • With response rates at an all-time low, what messages and prospecting strategies break through the noise?
  • How do you navigate the organizational barriers and engage decision makers who don’t meet with sales reps?
  • When every rep is attempting to be a trusted advisor, what’s the secret to earning a seat at the decision-making table and influence the decision-making process?
  • What’s the key to motivating the prospect to make a major shift in a new direction — whether related to scope of investment or type of solution?
  • How do you advance the opportunity in a way that keeps the key players involved and establishes a competitive advantage?

Unique is standard.

Your organization is unique. The challenges your reps face are unique. Your solution is unique. Therefore, you need a custom program. It’s part of our standard process to ensure every program is 100% relevant to every participant.


Within the first four months of implementing ASLAN’s program, appointments set with cold prospects jumped by 300% and engagement rates increased by 808%.

Fortune 1000 Life Insurance Company

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