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Does your training address the 18 unique challenges of selling over the phone?

Inside sales is different. Here's how we address the unique challenges of selling and building relationships over the phone.

First, we reframe your selling.

The percentage of decision makers who are receptive to meeting your reps or learn about your solution is very small, especially when selling over the phone. While that may be obvious, here’s the truth that isn’t: if your customer is emotionally unreceptive, your value prop, your insights, and solution don’t matter. Simply, the receptivity of the customer is more important than your message.

To convert the disinterested, a shift in strategy is needed. We need to stop selling and focus on driving receptivity. It requires a different mindset and skill set but leads to very different results. This philosophy is the foundation of every ASLAN® program.

Second, we help develop your message. 

What differentiates you from the competition? Are the insights and truths about the best way to solve the customer's problems identified? Can your sellers easily and quickly validate the payoff of your solution? 

We’re not afraid of asking the hard questions that help you move forward. Through our framework, we won’t craft just any message, but YOUR message.

Third, we train your sellers. 

Our training works because it's relevant. Selling over the phone is different, your organization is different. This is why generic sales methodologies fail. We've been perfecting training for inside sales representatives since 1996. No one gets inside sales like ASLAN. We know it's a bold statement, but our clients tell us it's true. We're just passing on the information. 

Secondly, our training works because it's simple. We've distilled it down to the eight competencies needed to master the art of selling. They are measurable and tactical, and it's why the organizations that hire ASLAN see immediate results.

Our Philosophy



Your organization is unique. Your people are unique. That’s why you need a sales representative development plan that is built specifically for you.



With instructor-led workshops and digital learning, we ignite a transformation by arming your sellers with the training and certifications they need to succeed.



Change doesn’t happen only in a workshop — it requires a commitment to an ongoing development process. With ASLAN, we offer the sustainable tactics you need for continuous transformation.


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Within a year of implementing ASLAN’s complete account development process, we grew revenue 5% while customer demand was declining. And we saw incremental revenue growth of 46% within existing accounts.

Director of Learning

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Available Courses

Other-Centered® Selling - Account Management

Other-Centered Selling - Account Management


Equip your team with a unique approach to account management in our two-day, instructor-led program.

Other-Centered® Selling - Business Development

Other-Centered® Selling - Business Development


We’ll arm your team with the big picture tactics they need to become a trusted advisor.




We’re reframing how your sales reps handle their approach and this program is designed to help them get there.

Have inside sales training questions for us?

We’re here to nurture your team’s ability to find, grow, and convert more accounts and opportunities. Have a question about how we can create a custom training program for your company? We look forward to being a part of your inside sales training solution.