Sell Yourself: 3 Fundamentals to Virtual Selling in 2020

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Have you ever stopped to think what it would take to sell yourself something? I mean really sell – have your beliefs changed about a product or a service, getting you to pay attention and invest your hard-earned money.


Do you have what it takes to sell yourself? And with the business climate of 2020, to sell yourself virtually?


When I look in the mirror (figuratively), and think about selling to myself, I learn quite a bit. I’m a hard sell. I’m typically immune to being approached by salespeople in general, and especially bad ones. And yes, I am a sales person by profession. Because of this, I take the art of selling (in-person and virtually) very seriously, and I have a passion for helping salespeople transform into sales professionals.


I also am very quick to recognize good salesmanship. I have rookies, amateurs, and even rude commission-breathing dragons approach me every day, trying to pitch or persuade me. Very few succeed.


So in the interest of passing along some useful tips for selling virtually, if I “look in the mirror,” what are the fundamentals to gaining access to me?


Fundamental #1 — Know Me


If 90 percent of decision makers don’t respond to cold calls, only one percent of sales voicemails are returned, and less than 25 percent of sales emails are even opened, we had better learn how to warm things up.


The hard truth is that most people are emotionally closed to being sold, and all the features, benefits, and data in the world won’t change this. Somehow, we have to find a way to get them receptive.


The first way to do this is to prove that you know and understand the person you are approaching, and what is on their whiteboard. In other words — do your homework. Research everything you can to gain insight and get beyond the obvious. Tools like ZoomInfo and LinkedIn Navigator, among others, provide a wealth of organizational information, but that’s not enough to capture the interest of most executives.


If you want my attention, you need to understand our world and the challenges we face. Talk to some people in our organization or talk with our clients and other solution providers. Do everything you can to understand my situation before you ask for my time.


Fundamental #2 — Enlighten Me


Now that you have proven that you have done your research and you know what is important to me and my role, what do you do with it? Tell me something I don’t know.


Most executives have a general quest for knowledge when it comes to business effectiveness and getting a competitive advantage. You need to expand my knowledge by enlightening me and sharing something that may help me with my whiteboard of wants. Pique my interest by making me think you know something that I don’t.


If you just want to pick my brain with your list of favorite qualifying questions and pick-up lines, don’t bother… this genie won’t grant general Discovery call wishes.


Fundamental #3 — Inspire Me


If you get through the first two gates unscathed, you now own some prime real estate. You have driven out the competition. So now what?


It’s time to make it pay off. This is where you get one chance to showcase what makes you and your solution different from every other sales rep that has died trying to make this ascent.


Don’t blow it by borrowing the same universal features and benefits you used on the last call. Get proprietary. What is unique about your and your solution?


Take everything you learned from fundamental #1, integrate it into fundamental #2, and make it all come alive with something that is all your own. Showcasing how you and your solution are different will grant you ACCESS to a floor in the elevator that most won’t find.  Arriving at this point and then spitting out something that is just like everyone else is false advertising.


It’s up to you to give this a try. If you have something you think we can’t live without, try this approach and see if it works. On your next two prospecting calls, try your current approach on one, and then these 3 fundamentals on the other. See what works best.


Do you have the fundamentals to go sell yourself?


If not, and if learning more about prospecting in the new economy is of interest, you can learn more about our Virtual Selling Skills Program.


As VP of Solutions, Sean’s passion is developing and creating a learning experience that emotionally taps into each learner, matches ASLAN’s commitment to excellence, and exceeds our client’s wildest expectations. Find him on: LinkedIn.

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