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Need your sales team to get more meetings? “Access” is a program designed to help your sales team gain access to potential customers who don’t typically meet with sales reps. We want to help you open more closed doors.

Access Delivers Opportunities.

Cold calling isn't dead, but the old approach to prospecting should be. Instead of the usual sales gimmicks and “magic bullets,” ASLAN's Access program is a one-day workshop that teaches your sales team who to approach and a radical philosophy on how to have success. 

Are your reps resistant to prospecting? Here’s why:

  • They don’t believe prospecting works, hoping that some AI marketing product will save the day
  • They reach out to people they know, not the buyers who make decisions
  • With the rejection rate of 98%+, they’re tired of rejection and want success
  • Their sales process is broken and they’re unsure of how to advance the customer relationship
  • They lead with their solution, not what’s on the decision maker’s whiteboard 
  • They desperately pursue buyers with a pulse versus strategically choosing who they want to pursue 
  • They fail to utilize every channel available – social media, sponsorship, referrals

Accessing the Decision Makers Who Don’t Typically Meet with Sales Reps

In our Access program, your reps will learn to: 

  • Analyze suspects and determine if they are qualified prospects — the opportunities you can win and that are worth winning.
  • Eliminate emotional resistance — ASLAN’s counterintuitive approach to engaging the 90% of decision-makers who are emotionally closed to a sales call.
  • Neutralize the five false objections. 
  • Cut through the noise — a messaging strategy that focuses on the decision maker's whiteboard (what is on their mind), not on your solution.
  • Develop direct (email, cold calls, phone, and social selling strategies) and indirect access strategies — building a Relational Map (the easiest path to the decision maker). 
  • Follow a process that makes prospecting easy, eliminates distractions, and bolsters confidence and value through just-in-time learning.
  • Navigate the “big four” organizational barriers to reaching the decision-maker. 

Access Sales Prospecting Training Benefits

Here’s what our clients have told us about the benefits of the Access Sales Prospecting Training course:


Motivate your team to prospect

Prospecting is easy if you know how. Every situation a seller will face is predictable. When they know the right response, confidence and desire to prospect replace the fear of rejection.


Get more meetings

When they change their approach to prospecting, your sales reps will see results. We have tested our approach in the toughest industries and increased response rates by 22X.


Playbooks for your sellers & leaders

Concepts don’t translate to results. Your reps need tangible templates to create emails, introductions, build relational maps, and how to position their solution in any channel.


Reduce turnover

When reps quickly land new business opportunities, they don’t jump ship for a better opportunity.

What’s So Special About ASLAN’s Prospecting Program?

Prospecting is Our Focus 

Access™ was built from our dedication to solving the greatest problem facing most sellers – finding new opportunities. ASLAN has spent thousands of hours building a program to address the unique challenges of getting more meetings and boosting sales performance. Through research and field testing our other-centered(R) methodology in over 35 countries with 100,000+ sellers, we have developed a program that delivers more meetings with qualified prospects.

We Deliver Transformation, not just Training 

Transformation requires support at every level. Sellers require a new mindset, an account development process, new skills and strategies, and the tools to execute in the field. 

Front line leaders must be equipped to lead the change process and learn to lead, manage, and coach successful sales reps. Senior business leaders need to lead, measure, and drive the sustainment process.

Whether you have 20,000 sales reps or 5. This is our approach and it works.

Not Just Concepts but Practical Tools

The last thing you need is a conceptual program. Your sellers need to know what to do. They need to know how to write an email, position your solution, follow your process, and qualify prospects. Sellers need much more than a new philosophy, they need to know what to do and how to do it.

Unique is standard.

Your organization is unique. The challenges your reps face are unique. Your solution is unique. Therefore, you need one of our custom sales training programs. It’s part of our standard process to ensure every program is 100% relevant to every participant.

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Fortune 100 Medical Manufacturer

Our field guys gave this program the highest rating because it took the mystery out of prospecting. They learned where to focus, how to get there, and it wasn’t based on cheesy manipulation tactics. It’s the best program I’ve seen.

Vice President

Fortune 100 Medical Manufacturer

Fortune 1000 Life Insurance Company

Within the first four months of implementing ASLAN’s program, appointments set with cold prospects jumped by 300% and engagement rates increased by 808%.


Fortune 1000 Life Insurance Company

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Fortune 100 Medical Manufacturer
Fortune 1000 Life Insurance Company
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