Customer Service Selling

Are your customer service reps resistant to selling?

Experience+ trains CSRs how to up-sell AND improve the customer experience.

How to Offer The Best Customer Service Selling

A high percentage of reps and managers believe that selling focuses on manipulating the customer, not serving the customer. Here lies the problem and the hidden solution to motivating your CSRs to sell.

We Start with the Heart

We begin by reframing the rep’s role. They learn their goal it’s not to sell but to serve. Selling isn’t about manipulation but rather proactively ensuring the customer is educated, and all their needs are met – stated and unstated.

Everyone wins. Reps are happy, customers are happy, average handle time drops, and revenue per call increases.

Then We Make It Easy to Serve

With a new set of lenses, reps learn to transition from:

  • Reactively responding to a customer’s stated needs to proactively leading the call.
  • Asking, “you want fries with that?” to having a consultative dialogue with customers.
  • Making a few scripted offers to developing a unique recommendation for every customer.
  • Avoiding the tough questions to delivering the truth about why their recommendation is in the customer’s best interest.
  • Being uncomfortable with closing to offering the best option for advancing the call.
  • Meeting the customer’s service expectations to exceeding expectations.

Unique is standard.

Your organization is unique. The challenges your reps face are unique. Your solution is unique. Therefore, you need one of our custom sales training programs. It’s part of our standard process to ensure every program is 100% relevant to every participant.


The results of the training with ASLAN far exceeded our expectations. The Direct Banking Center increased its deposits by 270% and increased loans by 200%. The Retail Banking division saw deposits increase by 168%, service per household increase by 20% and the success rate of customer calling campaigns went from .5% to 9%.

Site Vice President

S&T Bank

To determine the impact training would have on our business, we hired ASLAN to train our inbound reps in two of our four call centers. Bottom line, we recouped our six-figure investment in 30 days. Reps that were trained outperformed untrained reps by almost 8X.


Fortune 1000 Industrial Distributor

We wanted to test the impact of ASLAN’s approach, so we trained a select group of veteran reps and managers and compared the results. The reps that were trained and coached outperformed their peers by 56%.


Fortune 100 Insurance Company

After hiring ASLAN, we reduced customer attrition by 50% in the first two years — 5 times our goal. In the third year, we ended the year up 7,600 customers.

Vice President of Operations

Fortune 1000 Energy Company

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