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ASLAN® got started over 20 years ago when we noticed that outdated processes were keeping sellers at a standstill — no one was considering the receptivity of the customer, and to us, that was the biggest problem with salespeople missing their quotas. After training over 50,000 sellers and managers, we’ve realized that our original hunch was right: You have to build a real relationship with each client, not just offer solutions based on your own agenda.

And that philosophy — the one that has made us one of the leading training companies in the world and places for top professional sales careers — is the same one that we consider when looking for new team members. We need passionate people, who are dedicated to building rock-solid relationships, and are creative problem-solvers that aren’t afraid to go the extra mile. We just described a really unique person, but we’re a unique team, and we’ve seen how transformative this mindset can be. So if you’re ready to serve, we look forward to having you at our table.


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Jason Smith

For the things going on in my life, as a relatively new solo entrepreneur with medical disability-related challenges at home, it was critical for me to be able to control both my time and my income to take care of my family. With ASLAN, I’m able to do that. With this model, I also have the ability to continue to build additional ventures that I will be able to pass on to my children.

Jason Smith

ASLAN Training

Linda Tolman

Working at ASLAN, I’ve seen firsthand that the Other-Centered philosophy is embraced not only in our training materials and approach but also in the heart of each individual who works here. The kindness, trust, and support found within this organization certainly ties into the old adage: Practice what you preach. I’m so thankful to work with this amazing group of people.

Linda Tolman

ASLAN Training

Bobbi Kahler

I’m nearly at 11 years now and still the happiest I’ve ever been. The two things that I love most about ASLAN are the people and the common mission that we share: to bring truth to the marketplace. What initially attracted me to ASLAN was that the philosophy was aligned with what I believe to be true. What has made me stay over the years is that we have always stayed true to that philosophy, our leadership embodies that philosophy, AND somewhere along the way the core group of people became like family to me.

Bobbi Kahler

ASLAN Training

Juan Pablo Huacuja

Being with ASLAN fills me with pride, it allows me to help others and know that with my work I am contributing to bring the truth to the market to so many people and to generate dramatic changes in the culture of so many companies.

Juan Pablo Huacuja

ASLAN Training

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We truly believe in creating a supportive team environment.

“Everyone is always super helpful and supportive. I feel like ASLAN is a second family that genuinely cares about its people.”


– Nicole McFarlane


We pride ourselves on practicing what we preach.

“ASLAN is the only place I’ve ever worked where the mindset, DNA, and interactions of every member of the team naturally reflect the Other-Centered® approach we teach our clients. #grateful”


– Joe Colavito


We value freedom, creativity, and our principled team.

“ASLAN means principled people, doing good, with the freedom to be Other-Centered®.”


– Joe Elliot


We believe that talent supersedes physical borders.

“Having the opportunity to work remotely from home and travel to wherever a project may take me is a huge benefit. It provides flexibility and focus in the workplace and more availability to my clients and colleagues.”


– Linda Tolman


Interested in working for a growing firm that has a major impact on people by helping them be Other-Centered?

If you’re passionate about helping people transform how they approach sales and relationships, ASLAN is the place for you. Take a look at our current openings, see if we’ve got a good fit for you, and then get in touch. We’re excited to hear from you.