B2B Sales Training that Increases Revenue and Delivers Results

B2B Sales Training that Increases Revenue and Delivers Results

Are your B2B business development reps, account managers, and insider sales teams struggling to get meetings and hit their numbers?

B2B Sales reps, whether inside sales, business development, or top-level account managers, all have the same challenge. You and your sales team cannot persuade others to action if they are close minded to you as a sales rep or closed to the topic you want to discuss. . How do you enhance the receptivity of your prospect or client? We believe you will sell more by creating receptive prospects.  Stop selling and work on the receptivity of your customers.

The ASLAN B2B Sales Training Program

Even with endless amounts of information at their fingertips, there are now more business sales reps missing their quotas than ever before. B2B companies need sales teams that are willing to build and improve, or they risk diminishing their odds of rising above the competition. The customers are changing and your market is changing as well. Are your sellers developing new skills to thrive?


If your customer does not feel like they are the priority of your sales rep, your solution will not matter. Converting disinterested customers isn’t as simple as providing your sales team with a list of skills, tips, and facts to persuade the customer to action. Sales development starts with an Other-Centered(R) approach to customer acquisition,  retention and expansion.


ASLAN's Other-Centered training courses help your sales team develop an effective B2B sales process. Our programs develop a new mindset in your salespeople, eliminating many of the challenges that exist whether prospecting, cold calling, or maintaining existing accounts.  Our B2B training program is designed  not only  to teach B2B sales reps to be other-centered. but we have customized the delivery for each of the unique roles that exist in the sales profession.

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Results-Based Training Programs

Top sellers are driven to succeed, but that passion to win can sometimes be counterproductive. Aggressive B2B selling skills may work to get the attention of a cold prospect. However, this traditional approach to B2B selling is usually short lived. Our long history of helping clients succeed indicates that the most effective long term strategy is to concentrate on the client’s objective. This subtle shift from focusing on selling a solution to helping the customer solve their problem, transforms the relationship from seller to trusted partner.

ASLAN’s results-based training programs help sellers understand the needs of the prospects. With ASLAN’s results-based training programs, your sales reps focus on selling solutions; not getting meetings. Tenacious competitors who fight to get into meetings do not always understand and solve the problems of a B2B prospect. Our program develops unique sales skills that are guaranteed to put the prospect’s needs ahead of the sales reps agenda. When a sales rep is truly Other-Centered(R), they are more fulfilled and the client feels less stress. When the B2B sales rep partners with the client to solve their problem, the team approach relieves all pressure and the client can relax and listen to recommendations.

Every organization is unique - sales development programs must be created and tailored specifically to your team’s capability level and roles. Therefore, the entire sales process must make room for refinement and improvement. ASLAN training offers courses for each unique sales role and challenges.

  • Other-Centered® Selling - Inside Sales Account Manager Training. Other-Centered Selling course for Inside Sales will equip your team with a new approach to account management and B2B sales performance improvement.
  • Other-Centered® Selling for Business Development Reps. Other-Centered Selling course for business development representatives is a program designed for the toughest challenges in B2B sales, helping your team acquire new accounts.
  • Other-Centered® Selling for Field Sales Account Management. Other-Centered Selling course helps new account managers move beyond existing B2B relationships, sell the total solution, and be more strategic in their B2B connections.
  • Access™ - Prospecting Program. Access is a B2B sales training program  designed to help your sales team build contacts who typically won't meet with sales representatives.

Delivering Value Through Various Customizable and Accessible Modalities

ASLAN B2B Sales Training courses are tailored to the needs of your organization. Through research, ideation, and creativity, our courses are designed to rebuild and reinforce sales skills to provide a robust learning solution for strategic sales implementation. Our learning courses utilize delivery channels including instructor-led training, online learning, and group webinars to deliver key skills and techniques that increase revenue and lead conversion.

Utilizing multiple online learning platforms will help your sales team focus on mastering B2B selling capabilities. ASLAN B2B Sales Training delivers value to your sales team, helping them understand the profile of individual prospects, their unique challenges, and the ways your business can help solve each challenge through whichever modality is most convenient.

Customers are seeking value. ASLAN B2B Sales Training helps your team deliver value to customers by understanding their unique challenges and connecting them to your solution’s proprietary benefits.

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How Do You Attract People's Attention with Your Presentation Skills?

How Does an ASLAN Training Course Work?

ASLAN's engagement process drives training sustainability in three crucial steps.


Your organization and salespeople are unique. You need to have a sales rep and leadership development plan built specifically for you. With our training courses, you can:

  • Assess your sales organization's competency level and desire to change.
  • Customize the program to each unique role.
  • Ensure alignment with senior leadership.


Next, we make changes within courses that build expertise within your leaders and sellers. Here we offer:

  • Instructor-led workshops for you to learn onsite or virtually.
  • Train the trainer certification.


Transformation requires ongoing development of a new sales process. We offer courses with multiple modalities including:

  • Mobile apps, digital learning, and webinars to reinforce and measure sales performance.
  • Front-line leader certification.
  • Cloud-based dashboard – desire, productivity, and competency - through simplified coaching and change tracking.

The Benefits to ASLAN B2B Sales Training

Developing B2B training programs within your own company is a lengthy and difficult process. ASLAN has implemented this structure, planning, and critical thinking into every sales training effort since 1996. Your organization needs a sales training program that is improved and updated regularly, ensuring prospect relevance and that quality strategies are implemented in every part of the process. Your business needs a constantly updated training program, regularly improving all aspects of the training process.

Helping sales teams grow professionally with ASLAN’s B2B Sales Training programs results in an increase in sales and success. Our programs are designed for coaching and developing your salespeople, giving them the key strategies they need to close deals and improve your bottom line.

Building new B2B sales training programs can be a daunting task for your company. If you need to improve your sales team’s business development,  ASLAN's B2B Sales Training programs and courses help engage your sales team and drive results for your organization. Contact ASLAN Training to inspire your sales reps to deliver effective sales results.



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Within a year of implementing ASLAN’s complete account development process, we grew revenue 5% while customer demand was declining. And we saw incremental revenue growth of 46% within existing accounts.

Director of Learning

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Within a year of implementing ASLAN’s complete account development process, we grew revenue 5% while customer demand was declining. And we saw incremental revenue growth of 46% within existing accounts.

Director of Learning

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