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Inside Sales Training

Inside sales can mean many things. From inbound to outbound, transactional to consultative, ASLAN has you covered.

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Field Sales Training

ASLAN's unique approach to sales training recognizes that there's no such thing as the typical field rep.

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Sales Coaching

A true coach understands that incentive plans, training classes and performance scorecards don't change.

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01 Prepare

Through years of experience, we've identified 11 unique sales roles. In the Prepare phase, we identify which of them exist in your organization, then design a program tailored to their needs.


02 Ignite

Our unique instructional design Ignites sales reps through engaging content (e.g. movies) and real world exercises that simulate challenges identified in their everyday environment.


03 Transform

In the Transform phase, our manager certification program, scorecards, dashboard, follow-up content, and workshops ensure that "bootcamp" is the beginning of something greater.


04 Results




ASLAN Other-Centered® Assessments

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