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more than a box of donuts

The landscape of field sales has shifted. Has your strategy?

field sales strategies & techniques

Decision makers have more information at their fingertips and less time for being sold than ever before. To win in today's ecosystem, you have to drop the donuts and bagels strategy and shift your focus.

ASLAN's unique approach to field sales techniques & training recognizes that there's no such thing as the typical field rep. We initially look at basic parameters - enterprise vs. SMB and account management vs. business development - and then further customize our field sales strategy to fit the real day-to-day challenges your teams face.

Account managers ASLAN

Account Managers

Account management reps, on the other hand, often struggle with a very different problem. Instead of being too aggressive, they may become too buddy-buddy, and fall into the trap of high paying customer service, jumping to react to every customer request.

Business development ASLAN

Business Development

One common thread we find with business development reps is that they are often challenged by the transition from tenacious competitor who fights for meetings to trusted confidant once they have their foot in the door.

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Field Sales Programs

Receptivity™ - Account Management

This two-day Receptivity™ program focuses on Field reps who primarily work with existing accounts.

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Receptivity™ - Business Development

RECEPTIVITY™ for Business Development reps is designed to help them see the big picture and become a Trusted Advisor.

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The Access program is designed to help you know who to approach and how to get there

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The Catalyst Workshop is designed to transform for your sales leaders where they learn to Lead, Diagnose & Develop.

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Catalyst™ Dashboard

A cloud-based application to track performance, empower sales, and simplify coaching. 

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