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The Best Consultative Selling Strategies

Consultative Sales Training

Customers have changed, but most reps haven't. More are failing to hit their numbers because the conventional approach sabotages our ability to sell. ASLAN's Consultative Sales Training can help your field and inside sales reps get more meetings, fill their pipeline, close more business, and grow their accounts.

Today's buyers are savvy. Sellers are no longer seen as a necessary path to evaluating solutions as revealed in a recent study by Mcksinsey on B2B selling. The percentages of buyers who desire to work with a seller to evaluate solutions had dropped by 120% for the last three years...

This explains why most decision makers will not meet with a sales rep. They don’t need a tour guide, a Vanna White with a briefcase, or a relationship, they need a sales consultant.


Consultative Selling Defined

Consultative selling isn’t about selling solutions it’s about providing a better way to solve problems. The solution is just a by product of helping the customer reach their desired destination. Consultative selling isn’t about features or benefits or closing techniques it’s defined by sellers who provide a better way to solve the customer’s problems and the unique skills to change beliefs about the best path forward.


Why it Works

When consultative selling is no longer just a buzz word or the latest trend within your organization but a reality, the whole dynamic of the buyer seller relationship changes. Instead of reps grovelling for meetings or presentations met with skepticism, sellers earn a seat at the table. Deal size grows, sales cycles shorten, and your reps are more engaged.

To help organizations make this shift, our consultative selling program focuses on four areas:

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Becoming a consultative seller starts with a shift in mindset. It requires an other-centered approach to selling where the focus is solely about solving the customer’s problems. It starts with the belief that we are more fulfilled and successful when we serve.

Consultative Capabilities

Much more is required than learning to uncover needs and communicating the features, advantages, and benefits of your solution. Consultative sellers need both advanced set capabilities to master the one to one dialogue as well as how to develop the strategies to win.


A process built around how your customers buy and not how you want to sell. A process that ensures you pursue qualified opportunities, shortens the sales cycle, and differentiates you from the competition.

Tools to Sell

Concepts don’t change behavior. For training to stick and results to be achieved, sellers need tools for the real world. To prepare for a meeting, position and present their solution, map out the players, or assess the opportunities, requires tangible resources.

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What ASLAN’s Consultative Selling Training Delivers

The program can be delivered in multiple formats from a modular approach, taught virtually over 4-half-day sessions with application and homework occurring in between sessions. Or you could choose a two-day onsite workshop. Regardless of preferred delivery method, here are the main objectives of the program:

  • Developing a new mindset and skill set to convert the 80%+ unreceptive customers that don’t respond to the traditional sales approach
  • Identifying the current approach to selling and determining what’s required to lead, consult, and ultimately become a Trusted Partner.
  • Discovering stated, unstated & organizational needs by learning a discovery framework and advanced discover skills.
  • Building Value in the right solution by learning a messaging template for changing beliefs, advanced skills to ensure that the customer emotionally embraces the payoff, and how to identify and address the three types of objections.
  • Advancing the opportunity and account by gaining commitment to the next, best step by learning how to identify and position key events for advancing the relationship.
  • Developing the Virtual Intelligence to improve your online presence and leverage technology to enhance engagement
  • Adopting a strategic approach to territory and account management by utilizing account and opportunities blueprints and to create effective account development strategies.

What’s So Special About ASLAN’s Consultative Selling Program?


25 Years of Research

ASLAN has spent thousands of hours building a program to address the unique challenges of getting more meetings. Through research and field testing our secret sauce in over 35 countries with 50,000+ sellers, we developed a program that helps sellers win more opportunities and increase customer loyalty.


We Deliver Transformation not Training

Transformation requires support at every level. Sellers need a new mindset, an account development process, new skills and strategies, and the tools needed to execute in the field.

Front line leaders must be equipped to lead the change process and learn to lead manage, and coach. And senior leaders need to lead, measure, and drive the sustainment process.

Whether you have 20,000 sales reps or 5. This is our approach.


Not Just Concepts but Practical Tools

The last thing you need is a conceptual program. Your sellers need to know what to do. They need to know how to write an email, position your solution, follow your process, and qualify prospects. Sellers need much more than a new philosophy, they need to know what to do and how to do it.


Unique is standard.

Your organization is unique. The challenges your reps face are unique. Your solution is unique. Therefore, you need one of our custom sales training programs. It’s part of our standard process to ensure every program is 100% relevant to every participant.

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Our Consultative Training Program teaches your team how to lead masterful conversations. They are equipped with the skills they need to become top-level consultative sellers.

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Within a year of implementing ASLAN’s complete account development process, we grew revenue 5% while customer demand was declining. And we saw incremental revenue growth of 46% within existing accounts.

Director of Learning

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Within a year of implementing ASLAN’s complete account development process, we grew revenue 5% while customer demand was declining. And we saw incremental revenue growth of 46% within existing accounts.

Director of Learning

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