Which Coach Would You Be?

ASLAN-coaches-quizWe are excited to announce the launch of the ASLAN Other-Centered® Leader Coaches Quiz.

Every team has a coach, and every coach has a philosophy. The ASLAN Other-Centered® Leader Coaches Quiz matches your coaching style with some of the legendary coaches in sports.

This fun, new interactive tool has a short series of questions that matches your training and leadership style with the traits of some of the most famous names in coaching history. Vince Lombardi, Pat Summitt, Don Shula, Mike Ditka and 16 others.

We took a look at the traits of these 20 coaches and compared them to attributes of successful sales leaders. The coaches and leaders all had two things in common: a passion to win, and a team needed to reach their goal. At ASLAN, we believe successful leaders have a third common trait – the desire to serve others.

Who will your style match? Take the ASLAN Other-Centered® Leader Coaches Quiz now and let us know with which coach you most closely align.

Then follow our blog in coming weeks for a deeper look inside the philosophy of each of the coaches featured in the ASLAN Coaches Quiz.

As VP of Solutions, Sean’s passion is developing and creating a learning experience that emotionally taps into each learner, matches ASLAN’s commitment to excellence, and exceeds our client’s wildest expectations. Find him on: LinkedIn.

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