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Inbound, Outbound, Transact, React, Serve and Sell - all in less than five minutes

Telesales Training

Based on over a decade of working with sales in a call center environment, we know that improving call center rep effectiveness is only going to happen when reps are equipped to move from an atmosphere of metrics and scripting to one that emphasizes sales skills and the art of interacting naturally with customers over the phone. ASLAN's call center sales training helps CSRs understand skills like . . .

Telesales Training

Important skills & abilities

  • The ability to lead in conversations with customers rather than just being responsive
  • The skills needed to build relationships quickly over the phone
  • Structures that will allow them to move comfortably from scripted conversations to natural sounding interactions
  • The ability to quickly uncover the full need of the customer
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Telesales Programs


Experience+ is a two-day, instructor-led program that is specifically designed for the CSR who has the responsibility to not only enhance the customer experience, but to also grow incremental revenue on every call.

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Telegence is our two-day, instructor led program created specifically for an outbound sales rep calling on cold or dormant customers.

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It’s just too easy for the rep to get in the back seat and let the customer drive. The problem is the customer doesn’t know where they are going, the call is inefficient, and ultimately a limited solution is prescribed.

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