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Do your managers drive change or just deliver a scorecard?

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Dramatic change starts with leadership and happens one to one. That's why sales leaders need much more than training. They need to be certified to ignite the passion to change, manage the metrics, and develop their rep’s ability to sell. Here’s how we certify your leaders to guide your team to better results.



Sales roles change and customers change. This program is designed to help your leaders really understand how to drive lasting behavior in your sales reps.  

Catalyst Dashboard on a laptop and phone

Catalyst Dashboard

With our cloud-based dashboard, you can track performance, empower sales, and simplify coaching.

A Certificate being issued

Catalyst Certification

You need to ensure your front-line managers are equipped to drive change. This two-day program does just that. 


Our field guys gave this program the highest rating because it took the mystery out of prospecting. They learned where to focus, how to get there, and it wasn’t based on cheesy manipulation tactics. It’s the best program I’ve seen.

Vice President
Fortune 100 Medical Manufacturer

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