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Master your craft with SALES with ASLAN

Ep. 104 – Every Employee, Every Person is a Salesperson

Ep. 103 – As a Sales Rep, You Should Crave Coaching

Ep. 102 – Defending the Value of Your Solution

Ep. 101 – Your Position, Not Your Product Gets the Meeting (and wins the deal)

Ep. 100 – 100% Club: What Makes Consistent Sales Achievement Possible?

Ep. 99 – Question Intelligence – Best Practices in Sales Questioning

Ep. 98 – 4 Sales Lessons from the Final Four

Ep. 97 – Prospect the Account, not the Person!

Ep. 96 – Tales from the Frontlines with Regional Vice President John Cerqueira

Ep. 95 – Personal Growth Comes with Pain. Is it worth it?

Ep. 94 – Tales from the Frontlines with former IT Sales VP, Penny Honea

Ep. 93 – You want your customer to believe you are Other-Centered®? ServeMore3

Ep. 92 – Tales from the Frontlines with AFLAC District Sales Manager Robert Zeman

Ep. 91 – 3 Tips to a Robust Sales Pipeline

Ep. 90 – 4 Virtual (Zoom) Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Ep. 89 – Selling is a Team Sport: Sales and Marketing….perfect together

Ep. 88 – Top 10 Tips for Improving Closing Rates in 2021

Ep. 87 – 5 Steps To Eliminating Coaching Frustration

Ep. 86 – How to Identify the Political Structure within Your Accounts

Ep. 85 – The Many Ways Sales People Have Adapted to Selling in a Post COVID World

Ep. 84 – End of Year Advice: Reflect and Give Thanks

Ep. 83 – Quadrant Coaching Recommendations for Those with Desire and Those Without.

Ep. 82 – Quadrant Coaching Barriers: Time and Motivation

Ep. 81 – 4 Challenges Prospects Have with the New Virtual Buying Process

Ep. 80 – Virtual Selling Vulnerability compared to Face to Face

ASLAN’s new podcast series is intended to be a light and fun way to talk about a serious subject: selling.

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