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Ep. 70 – 3 Steps to Differentiating Yourself Virtually

#sALESwithASLAN welcomes back President @MarcLamson to discuss the subject of how we rise above this whole virtual world we live in now. Everyone in sales is now calling (or zooming) prospects. Months ago, you would put on a nice suit and your best watch. Now you may be in shorts. So how do you differentiate? By using the technology to your advantage and to that of your client. By going the extra mile to learning what is possible and delivering something memorable. There are 3 easy steps to make this happen and we enjoy them over an ale today.  #salestips #salescoaching

Ep. 69 –The Keys to Effective Virtual Discovery

#sALESwithASLAN welcomes back President Marc Lamson to discuss the subject that he is most passionate about, Discovery. We recognize the difficulty of not being face to face but there are great advantages like the fact that you can record the meeting. Marc takes us through the key points about Asking and Responding in a way that optimizes the chance that the customer or prospect feels receptive and open to sharing vital information that will help you help them solve problems.  #salestips #salescoaching

Ep. 68 – Lessons from the Front Line! How to apply what we have learned.

Every once in a while, #sALESwithASLAN welcomes in a rep with the practical application of ASLAN key concepts. This week, we invite @ChrisWhite back to the program to provide insight from his unique perspective as a partner and sales rep for ASLAN. We discuss the “Decision to be Other-Centered®” before each engagement, Lead with your customers Whiteboard and fan favorites like Take the Trip® and Drop the Rope®. Real life examples to help #salereps and #salesmanagers.  #salestips #salescoaching

Ep. 67 – 3 Challenges of Team Selling

We under-utilize our team to sell because for several reasons, and that hurts our win rate. The truth is that nobody is best at everything, but someone is best at something. This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @MarcLamson and I discuss when to engage in team selling and the 3 main reasons people fail to use this valuable resource. #salestips #salescoaching

Ep. 66 – How to Advance the Opportunity When You Can’t Meet Face to Face

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, I am joined by sales maven @TomStanfill once again as we discuss our role as sales reps during the sales process. As the trusted guide,  you decide next steps in the process,  not the customer. Why? Because of your experience, you should know the most effective way to evaluate the solution. So, with that as a backdrop, Tom unlocks the 5 step process you can use to ADVANCE any sales cycle in any circumstance. Master this process and you will see improved results. Promise. #salestips #salescoaching

Ep. 65 – Is the best sales tool an ROI calculator?

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, I am joined by sales guru @JohnCerqueira as we discuss the intentional Return On Investment (ROI) discussion that will always help you close more deals. More importantly, ROI discussions with your clients throughout the sales cycle will heighten your status as trusted advisor. Especially when you and your client decision maker deliver on your promise to one another. We unpack a real ASLAN client and discuss how John was able to begin with the end in mind and deliver the goods.

Ep. 64 – How to Write Effective Emails! And what does Bad look like?

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we revisit the subject of some of the best and worst emails we get from salespeople. We did this once before in Episode 42 but frankly, with COVID19, more and more people are forced to engage with email. By laughing and crying and exploring what we see, we hope to give you some ideas for improving your own #prospecting email approach. This can be such a useful tool for you to hunt and find new business but when done poorly, it can really backfire. Enjoy the podcast and make sure you ready our eBook called How to Write Effective Emails.

Ep. 63 – Delivering the Perfect Virtual Presentation Part 3

#sALESwithASLAN continues the series in delivering the perfect virtual presentation. This week, @TomStanfill and I breakdown his latest blog on how to deliver the perfect presentation, virtually. As Tom always does, he gives us some structure in the form of 8 Pro Tips we must leverage to ensure the perfect performance.  And if you want to do some homework, you can learn a lot from watching the top Ted Talks.

Ep. 62 – Delivering the Perfect Virtual Presentation Part 2

#sALESwithASLAN continues the series in delivering the perfect virtual presentation. This week, @TomStanfill and I breakdown his latest blog on how to deliver the perfect presentation, virtually. As Tom always does, he gives up some structure in the form of 5 Determinations we must make to ensure we “control the stage”. For more on Virtual Selling Programs, visit and find the blog we reference in the pod here.

Ep. 61 – Delivering the Perfect Virtual Presentation Part 1

#sALESwithASLAN continues to dive into the changes that COVID19 has brought upon us and those that sell for a living. This week, @TomStanfill and I breakdown his latest blog on how to deliver the perfect presentation, virtually. As Tom always does, he gives up some structure in the form of a four-step process to ensure maximum impact. This will be part 1 of a series to help you deliver again and again.

Ep. 60 – ASLAN’s “Answer” to Racism in 8:46

#sALESwithASLAN is all about the #salesrep to #salesmanager relationship but it’s also about treating everyone with respect. We teach about being Other-Centered® in business but really in life. This week we take a timeout from our lighthearted, ale drinking show to focus on an 8 min and 46 second message (the same 8:46 it took for the officer to and the life of George Floyd) about spreading love instead of hate. Our President Marc Lamson and I discuss the North Point Community Church’s Andy Stanley podcast. As Martin Luther King Jr once said “Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere. How do we experience others who don’t look like us?  How do they experience you? Love. Open your heart. Open your mind. Take the trip. Carry another’s burdens.

Ep. 59 – How To Save Your Technical Sales Team From Itself

#sALESwithASLAN is all about the #salesrep to #salesmanager relationship. And most weeks we discuss that dynamic. This week we welcome back Sales Engineering Guru Chris White from and Ramzi Marjaba of to outline the critical nature of the relationship between seller and sales engineer. Remembering that selling is indeed a team sport and that the choreography of the sales call is critically important. We even discuss how our friends in #salescoaching will benefit from a higher performing technical sales team. Enjoy the beer.

Ep. 58 – Coaching During Uncertain Times is Even More Important

#sALESwithASLAN is all about the #salesrep to #salesmanager relationship. This week we welcome back the sales coach whisperer herself, @bobbikahler to discuss her latest trifecta of blogs. Bobbi walks us through coaching lessons learned from cross country skiing and tips to virtual coaching. Finally, we discuss that technology can be our friend but should not be our crutch or excuse for not coaching. Enjoy the topic and the beer.

Ep. 57 – How To Deal With Discount Requests Due To The Pandemic

Many #salesreps are facing the question: what can you do on price or can you "sharpen your pencil” these days. The world has changed. Companies are surviving not thriving. Customers are looking for any way they can to pinch pennies. Does that mean you should drop your price? Maybe or maybe not. What you should do is go through this three-step process first. Learn how to handle one of the most difficult conversations in selling this week on #sALESwithASLAN as Marc Lamson breaks it down.  Enjoy the beer.

Ep. 56 – Lessons From the Frontline on How to Stay Relevant

Staying relevant in the eyes of our customers while everyone’s world is upside down can prove to be quite a challenge. John Ferguson joins me this week on #sALESwithASLAN to discuss some of the things that he has been doing that have created that trusted advisor status with his clients. How you help your clients navigate the waters of change, how flexible you are with your offer and your terms and how you share your expertise and knowledge.  Enjoy the beer. #salestips #salescoaching

Ep. 55 – Virtual Demonstrations: A How To Guide

How do you demo virtually? If you sell software, that’s the way you may have always done it. But for most of us, this is a new challenge. This week on #sALESwithASLAN, I am joined by ASLAN President Marc Lamson as we  unpack the three main ingredients to demonstrating our product or solution virtually. You will pick up some interesting information on improving your ability to use your words to convince, change your selling process and lower the risk on behalf of you prospect. Check us out on Instagram @aleswithaslan and enjoy the beer. #salestips #salescoaching

Ep. 54 – There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel for sellers

We have had so much bad news lately that it is time to look at the bright side of what is happening in the market. There is a reality that never gets talked about. The reality is sellers are having more success getting buyers on the phone lately. Today on #sALESwithASLAN, I am joined the CEO of #ConnectandSell, @Chris Beall. Chris has an amazing background in data analysis and shares the light at the end of the tunnel for those of us who sell for a living. And don't forget to check us out on Instagram @aleswithaslan! Enjoy the beer. #salestips #salescoaching#salescoaching

Ep. 53 – How to sell in a pandemic? Be Human

We have had many discussions on #sALESwithASLAN with regard to “should you sell “right now and we know that motive is transparent.  If you can solve something on your prospects whiteboard then you should help them.  Is that selling?  This week, I am joined by author and business owner Christ White of  Chris and I discuss the reality of the situation and how it is impacting companies of all sizes.  Bottomline is that we need to continue to be Other-Centered® in our approach to serving our clients.  They may remember what we said or even what we did but the most certainly will remember how we made them feel during this time.  Enjoy the beer.  #salestips #salescoaching

Ep. 52 – From Sympathy to Empathy, Remember these 4 things.

Sympathy means you are sorry for someone else’s misfortune. Empathy is ability to understand and share someone’s feelings. You see the difference?  One can come across different than the other.  Sympathy is easy, and almost patronizing but Empathy makes a connection.  Daniel Goldman discusses 3 types of empathy in his book Social Intelligence: Cognitive, Emotional, and Compassionate.  @MarcLamson joins #sALESwithASLAN to discuss 4 things you can do to be more empathetic as a seller.

Ep. 51 – The Changing Landscape of Selling In A Pandemic.

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, I am joined by a small business owner David Piacitelli  of, an outbound sales company.  Dave offers great perspective on the difference between his company is handling the crisis vs an in-house selling group.  We discuss how all his manufacturing clients, from all markets, are dealing with the subject of selling during the pandemic.  Most importantly, we look optimistically at how we can best use this time as sellers to build and enhance our other-centered® relationship with our prospects and clients. #salestips #salescoaching #salesreps

Ep. 50 – How to Sell like Dr. Fauci

Dr. Fauci, Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease in the United States has been in the news constantly for the past month.   His role is to help America flatten the curve on the spread of the Coronavirus and to do that, he must convince US citizens of the proper course of action.  To do that, he must open up our collective #receptivity.  As #salesreps, we also must focus on our customers’ whiteboard (what is important to them) in order to open their receptivity. This week on #sALESwithASLAN, I am joined by The Sales Strategist John Ferguson who recently wrote this article: Dr. Fauci and Driving Receptivity which you can find on Linkedin.  We can learn a lot here and enjoy the beer.  #salestips 

Ep. 49– How to Coach Remotely while Quarantined by Coronavirus

The world has changed for #salesmanagers as well.  This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we help those who help those who sell for a living.  ASLAN founders Tom Stanfill and Tab Norris join me to discuss everything from helping #salesreps find that motivation and still focusing on the development of the rep.  #salestips  #salesmanager #salescoaching

Ep. 48 – How to Sell Remotely while Quarantined by Coronavirus

The world has changed in the past few weeks and #salesreps who are used to “pressing the flesh” with their customers are now forced to sell remotely.  ASLAN founders Tom Stanfill and Tab Norris join me to discuss everything from motivation to tactical #salestips  #salesmanager #salescoaching

Ep. 47 – Do These 6 Things To Become The Best Sales Coach

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we turn our attention from the #salesreps to the #salesmanager.  ASLAN Co-Founder Tab Norris joins me to discuss the one of the three phases of coaching Align. In this episode, both coaches and reps can hear some helpful ways to structure the most productive time together and to ensure each session has the maximum benefit to the reps development.  This 6 step process will not only make you a better coach but it will enhance the partnership between rep and manager.  #salesmanager #salescoaching

Ep. 46 – How to Prepare For The Business Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Coronavirus is already causing business disruption. Sales Conferences are being cancelled or postponed. Customers are changing their spending patterns. As sales reps and sales managers think about how they need to help their customers though this challenging time, ASLAN CEO Tom Stanfill says, “There is always a way to win. There are those who see some things as a barrier and others who see opportunity.” The truth is that the coronavirus is on everyone’s mind. Don’t ignore it! Use some of the tips on this episode of #sALESwithASLAN to prepare and reach out to your customers to help them think through all the options that they have within the context of your partnership. Use this “opportunity” to show your customers you are here to help them navigate challenges. Its about doing the right thing. #MotiveIsTransparent #salestips #salescoaching #salestraining

ASLAN’s new podcast series is intended to be a light and fun way to talk about a serious subject: selling.

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A communications broadcasting major from Villanova University, Scott Cassidy was supposed to be the next Chris Berman on ESPN. That all changed when he learned to sell and market products. Today, Scott runs marketing and the certified reseller channel for ASLAN Training & Development.

Prior to joining ASLAN in October 2018, Scott worked for F500 companies including Eastman Kodak Company, Parametric Technology Corporation, and Schneider Electric. He has over 30 years of experience in sales, service, marketing and management through leading various sales and marketing organizations. He joined ASLAN to look after marketing, but is most fulfilled when in front of a room.

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