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Ep. 95 – Personal Growth Comes with Pain. Is it worth it?

Most of us are passionate about growth whether it means becoming a better presenter, writer, leader. Maybe we want to earn a promotion? But there’s a cost: time and pain.  The pain associated with failing is the #1 enemy of growth. @TomStanfill joins #saleswithaslan to unpack the pain of growth and shares personal stories of failure and triumph that give us a process to consider.

Ep. 94 – Tales from the Frontlines with former IT Sales VP, Penny Honea

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome Pacific Mills Training Partners President, Penny Honea as we continue our #TalesFromTheFrontLines series. During a 25-year career in IT distribution, Penny learned many lessons, took many trainings, let many teams. We unpack that journey and what lead her to becoming a #ASLANCertifiedReseller. There is something in this episode for #salesreps and #salesmanagers alike.

Ep. 93 – You want your customer to believe you are Other-Centered®? ServeMore3

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome Marc Lamson, President at ASLAN, to discuss how his own Other-Centered® approach to coaching and selling has been formulated by a simple formula of Care More + Learn More + Do More = ServeMore3   Hear some great stories and examples of how the little things we can do can build trust, credibility and rapport in our client, work and personal relationships.

Ep. 92 – Tales from the Frontlines with AFLAC District Sales Manager Robert Zeman

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome AFLAC District Sales Manager Robert Zeman to discuss how his own Other-Centered® approach to coaching and selling has taken his 4-person sales team to the top of his region, beating out much larger teams in the process.  We discuss some of the “functional strength” he is instilled in his team along with joint accountability and even rep desire to improve.  It is a great success story of what we all are trying to accomplish.

Ep. 91 – 3 Tips to a Robust Sales Pipeline

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome author Kevin McCann of the Executive Strategy Group to talk about some important tips to building a robust pipeline. It starts with the right mindset and then the right message. He teaches us the “highlighter trick” to see how we currently message. Finally, we discuss the 4 questions that reps should be able to answer if the pipeline is accurate

Ep. 90 – 4 Virtual (Zoom) Challenges and How to Overcome Them

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, Marc Lamson and Tom Stanfill join to uncover nearly a years worth of challenges we have observed through clients (and internally).  Listen to learn about how we try to squeeze too much content into the meeting. How we don’t know the decision maker. What to do when all hell breaks loose and how to make sure all the client’s questions are answered.

Ep. 89 – Selling is a Team Sport: Sales and Marketing….perfect together

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome author @SeanDuffy of @theDuffyAgency and his partner @KevinMcCaughey to discuss sales and marketing integration and the impact of brand on sellers. WE break down the academics of this important relationship, how marketing enhances receptivity in our prospects and how sales can work with all types of marketing groups within all sizes of companies. #salesandmarketing #salestips

Ep. 88 – Top 10 Tips for Improving Closing Rates in 2021

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome CEO and co-founder @tomstanfill to unveil his Top 10 list, David Letterman style.  It takes a combination of mindset and developing advanced skills to be successful. In every endeavor, there are levels of abilities (hobbyist to pro, novice to elite).  To succeed in this new normal, good isn’t good enough. Become a pro. Enjoy the beer.

Ep. 87 – 5 Steps To Eliminating Coaching Frustration

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome back the coach whisperer #BobbiKahler, host of her own podcast UnYielded, to discuss coaching frustration.  Bobbi walks a through a 5-step process that will help coaches eliminate the frustration they feel when reps backslide into old habits or when they have to have the same conversation over and over. Enjoy the topic and please drop a comment on LinkedIn or email me at with your topic for us to cover.

Ep. 86 – How to Identify the Political Structure within Your Accounts

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we begin the new year with a special suggestion from one of our listeners. The topic of political structure within our accounts. We all know there are several roles in the decision process whether we are talking about the coach, gatekeeper, influencer, evaluator, or ultimate decision maker. What we talk about with @tomStanfill, CEO and Co-Founder of ASLAN, is why we need to identify the actual structure, how to do it and a tool to make it easy on yourself. Enjoy the topic and please follow the lead and drop a comment on LinkedIn or email me a with your favorite topic for us to cover.

Ep. 85 – The Many Ways Sales People Have Adapted to Selling in a Post COVID World

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we bring some real life sellers on the pod to discuss the may ways life has changed since COVID but more importantly, how they have adapted. There is a lot of good to go with all this bad this year. @jermainedonaldson and @JohnCerqueria join to break down the good, bad and ugly of 2020 as a seller.

Ep. 84 – End of Year Advice: Reflect and Give Thanks

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @marclamson joins to conclude the year with some ideas on how to leverage your holiday downtime for self-reflection and self-improvement. Merry Christmas to all and to all enjoy the close of a 2020 of chaos in favor of a 2021 of hope and joy.

Ep. 83 – Quadrant Coaching Recommendations for Those with Desire and Those Without.

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we revisit the coaching quadrant.  CEO and co-founder @tomstanfill breaks down his 4 recommendations for helping those reps with low desire. He also tells us how to work with those Achievers and Strivers. Enjoy the second of a two-part series on quadrant coaching.

Ep. 82 – Quadrant Coaching Barriers: Time and Motivation

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we turn our attention those who coach for a living and those who may want to become a sales manager one day. CEO and co-founder @tomstanfill un-packs the two biggest barriers to coaching, motivation and you guessed it, time. Learn about both in this, the first of a two-part series on quadrant coaching

Ep. 81 – 4 Challenges Prospects Have with the New Virtual Buying Process

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we flip the script and look at life through our prospect’s eyes. What has changed for prospects as it relates to the Virtual Buying Process and how do we adapt our approach to serve them. @MarcLamson helps unpack 4 different challenges that are new in 2020. First, prospects are more distracted than ever. Second, they are using a different decision process and what we call a “mass audit” in a shorter timeline criterion. Finally, when prospects are in the meeting, they are having trouble paying attention.  So, what do we do about all this? Find out.

Ep. 80 – Virtual Selling Vulnerability compared to Face to Face

Why is that we feel more vulnerable when selling virtually than we did when we could be face to face? Maybe we aren’t comfortable with the technology? Maybe we are just afraid of looking foolish. Maybe it’s just different. This week on #sALESwithASLAN, I welcome back ASLAN CEO @TomStanfill to the pod to discuss being Other-Centered® in a crazy world and how to resist that urge to retreat to self.

Ep. 79 – Need help prospecting? Learn the Big 3 Reasons to become an elite Social Seller!

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, I welcome back ASLAN President @MarcLamson to the pod to discuss the pivotal role that social selling now plays in our selling lives. With more time on our hands since COVID hit, we need use tools like Linkedin to Research and find potential contacts and companies. Then we need to find meaningful ways to connect with them. Finally, we should learn to be a thought leader with what we post. We have a contest this week as well. Go to and click “Get your score free” to see your Social Selling Index and share it with us on Linkedin as a comment below this post. We will find a winner and have you on an upcoming show

Ep. 78 – The Sales Rep of the Future Must Be Organized and Other-Centered® sALES with ASLAN® • Nov 6 Ep. 78 – The Sales Rep of the Future Must Be Organized and Other-Centered®

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, I welcome a newcomer to the show in @JeroenCorthout from SalesFlare to discuss how sales reps can be more organized with the right tools and therefore focus on what is their most important role: to be an other-centered trusted advisor.

Ep. 77 – Strategic Sales Planning is as simple as the 3 F Approach

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we talk about the lost art of strategic sales planning. There are three main ways or approaches to selling into your accounts, Frontal, Flank and Fragment. @MarcLamson describes each and gives examples to cement the knowledge. Whether you are a #salesep or #salesmanager, you are sure to learn something.

Ep. 76 – 3 Steps to the ABCs of Selling. Hint: It’s Not “Always be Closing” Anymore

#salesreps seem to get a little shy when it comes to advancing the sale to the next logical Other-Centered® stage. This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @marclamson and I unpack the 3 step process to ensuring you are always moving your sale cycle along at the pace appropriate to the prospect. #salescoaching #salesmanager

Ep. 75 – Learn to ADAPT when your Prospecting Call Stalls

In episode 74, #sALESwithASLAN and @MarcLamson, President of @ASLANTraining opened up the discussion around cold calling and we learned about the 10-30-3 which simply means, 10 seconds to clear the noise, 30 seconds to get to a 3 minute discovery. So, this week, we pick back up and teach you how to ADAPT to any situation that might arise when trying to get that meeting. Enjoy the content and the beer.

Ep. 74 – Is Cold Calling Dead? Get more meetings with the 10-30-3

#sALESwithASLAN is all about sales and all about beer but this week we go a bit further on both. Selling was changed forever back in March 2020. In effect, we all became inside sales reps. For those of you that forgot how to pick up the phone can get a meeting, you want to listen to this podcast. We address how to use this simple tool to get meetings with @MarcLamson, President of @ASLANTraining.

Ep. 73 – Therapy Session for Sales Reps and Sales Managers – Patient Privilege be damned!

Every week on #sALESwithASLAN, we try to help build up the relationship between reps and managers and this week we hope to improve that communication by telling each what the other is saying: what they like and don’t like about the other. There are 3 main reasons #salesmanagers are not coaching #salesreps as much as they should (or as often as reps would like): No Time, No Change and No Tools to measure. Well we address all three this week with @MarcLamson, President of @ASLANTraining. #salescoaching #salesmanager

Ep. 72 – Sanity Check: 6 Months into Virtual Selling

We are just about 6 months into the “new normal” and the transition for those field #salesreps to #insidesalesreps continues.  There are many positives and some challenges that we have discovered in 2020 and @marclamson and I dig into both plus some solutions and advice, this week on #saleswithaslan.  Additional Resources included:

Ep. 71 – 6 Steps to Personal Motivation (as a rep or a leader)

#sALESwithASLAN welcomes back @tomStanfill to discuss personal motivation and how we can achieve anything with these 6 easy steps. Tom and I discuss how our own diet, our own health was motivation for a life changing habit that took (desire) self-motivation, a plan and support to get through. We can apply much of what we learned to selling and leading as well. Enjoy! #salestips #salescoaching

ASLAN’s new podcast series is intended to be a light and fun way to talk about a serious subject: selling.

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A communications broadcasting major from Villanova University, Scott Cassidy was supposed to be the next Chris Berman on ESPN. That all changed when he learned to sell and market products. Today, Scott runs marketing and the certified reseller channel for ASLAN Training & Development.

Prior to joining ASLAN in October 2018, Scott worked for F500 companies including Eastman Kodak Company, Parametric Technology Corporation, and Schneider Electric. He has over 30 years of experience in sales, service, marketing and management through leading various sales and marketing organizations. He joined ASLAN to look after marketing, but is most fulfilled when in front of a room.

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