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Ep. 120 – Scott’s Words of Wisdom from 31 Years of Selling

This week on #SALESwithASLAN, @ScottCassidy, in his final podcast as host, delivers a few key ideas on selling success.  Follow Scott on Linkedin and make sure to join @TomStanfill beginning later this year when #SALESwithASLAN continues. #salespodcast #salestips

Ep. 119 – Artificial Intelligence and Conversational IQ for Sellers and Leaders

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @TomStanfill discusses how to leverage these tools to improve prospecting and conversations. He gives examples and statics of two different #salesprospecting approaches and answers why an Other-Centered Position (OCP) approach works. Why don’t reps lead with the customer’s whiteboard and how to build an arsenal of “whiteboard” intel to add to your discovery agenda and then build the list for yourself and your #salesteam.

Ep. 118 – Exposing the Unstated Emotional Needs of Your Prospect

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @MarcLamson is back to revisit our concept of ServeMore3 in order to expose those deep unstated emotional needs that we all have as humans. When we commit to care more, we will learn more and then we can do more for our clients, prospects, family and friends.

Ep. 117 – Is That Deal Worth Winning?

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @TomStanfill is back again in the third of a three-part series on micro qualifying your opportunities. This week, we unpack whether the deal is actually worth winning. These 3 critical questions that you need to answer will tell you whether you should win the deal and is it worth it.

Ep. 116 – Can you win?

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @TomStanfill is back again in the second of a three-part series on micro qualifying your opportunities. This week, we unpack how you can be sure you can with the deal. These 3 critical questions that you need to answer will tell you whether you can win.

Ep. 115 – Is the Opportunity Real?

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @TomStanfill is back again to break down whether the opportunity is real and how to decide that. This 4-step process will guide #salesreps through the ability to navigate from the simplest to the most complex sales cycles. Bonus: this is the first of a 3-podcast series.  Join next week to learn how to determine “can we win?” and then the week after we will discuss “is it worth winning?”

Ep. 114 – Emotion Not Logic is Most Important in Buying Decisions

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @marclamson is back again to discuss how selling or influencing buyer decisions is all about convincing the emotional side of the brain. Most people believe you can persuade people with logic but we discuss how when you get the emotional side of the brain engaged, they will then justify with logic.  #salespodcast #wordpictures #salestips

Ep. 113 – In Selling, Practice Makes Perfect

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @stephanieboyer, professor at Bryant University, stops by to discuss how selling has become a major on many campuses today. We discuss how women are taking on more leadership roles and the importance of practice (role plays) in our ability to master our craft as sales professionals.

Ep. 112 – 6 Examples of Why Sellers Who Serve are More Successful!

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, the entire ASLAN leadership comes to the pod with examples from their careers where those who put the client first are not only more fulfilled but more successful.

Ep. 111 – Sales Leadership Lessons from Author and Global Sales Leader Charles Forsgard

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @charlesforsgard joins to discuss how most leaders focus on business and not the people when the opposite works better. Charles has developed a culture of coaching wherever he has lead teams since 1982. That includes several F500 companies. Hear Charles and Scott discuss leading through great questioning, proactive communication and selling, and some of the best advice for young sales leaders. Charles book “Stop Kidding Yourself: The Way You’re Managing Your Team is Not Working” is available where books are sold.  #salespodcast #salescoaching #salesmanagers

Ep. 110 – What are you really selling? Hint: It’s not your solution!

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @tomStanfill joins once again to discuss how most sellers focus on business benefits or financial benefits of their solution (increase in profits or cost savings), but those aren’t the benefits that most likely motivate a customer to choose your solution. It’s how you make them feel – the emotional benefit that inspires a decision to take action. #B2Bsalesreps #prospecting #consultativesalesreps #salespodcast

Ep. 109 – The 3 P’s That Drive Influence and Receptivity

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @tomStanfill joins once again to uncover three memorable Ps to help anyone improve their ability to influence another person. It all starts with the “fertile soil” of the other person prior to you being able to plant the “seed” of your message. As usual, Tom makes it simple and memorable so you can build the habit asap.  #B2Bsalesreps #prospecting #consultativesalesreps.

Ep. 108 – Selling Lessons from 1969 NY Mets World Series Champion Art Shamsky

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @artshamsky joins the pod to discuss the similarities (and high failure rates) of baseball and selling. Art talks about the highs and lows of these careers, and the personal relationships that thrive out of the pressure. We talk about Art’s latest book "After the Miracle" which talks about the sustained brotherhood that outlasts the bright lights of our prime. Join us for this unique perspective on selling, baseball and life. Enjoy the beer. #69Mets #ArtShamsky #AfterTheMiracle #salespodcasts #MagnificentSeasons

Ep. 107 – Lessons from a Certified Forensic Interrogation Specialist

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @MichaelReddington, CEO of Inquasive and a specialist in interrogation, joins the pod to discuss how even the most stressful situations can be controlled with the right mindset, demeanor, and technique. His non-confrontational approach brings insight into Vision and Influence and the cognitive aspects of human communication. You will not want to miss his description of the 7 phases of any conversation. This pod will help #salesreps, #salesmanagers and anyone that must #influence at work or in their personal lives. In other words, everyone#B2Bsalesreps #prospecting #consultativesalesreps.

Ep. 106 – The Four Stages of Building a New Capability

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @tomstanfill joins the pod to discuss building a new habit. He takes us through the rep conscious incompetence to exposing the gap in capability to practice in a safe environment to finishing one capability at a time and finally the habit is formed. For #salesmanagers, you will learn how to coach your reps through this process. For #salesreps, you will learn what to expect and how to own your own development.

Ep. 105 – Trouble Getting Your Prospect to Engage? Get at the Problem.

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @tomstanfill joins the pod to discuss the power of GAP (Get At the Problem) questions.  There are 3 main challenges (3 E’s) that sellers face today. We struggle to Engage our virtual audience, demonstrate our Expertise, and have the customer Embrace our solution. Learn the 4 steps to solving these challenges.

Ep. 104 – Every Employee, Every Person is a Salesperson

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @SeanRobertson joins the pod to discuss the tremendous opportunity that companies must recognize that everyone in the company is a #salesrep.  Listen to the fun stories about books and movies that paint sales as a negative profession and yet it might be one of the most noble. We are never more fulfilled than when we are serving others. It is all about the mindset

Ep. 103 – As a Sales Rep, You Should Crave Coaching

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @MarcLamson joins the pod to discuss #salescoaching from the #salesrep point of view. Learn what you as the sales rep should do before, during and after a coaching session with your partner in success, your sales manager.

Ep. 102 – Defending the Value of Your Solution

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, @TomStanfill and I discuss how to hold the line on the value of your solution. In studying thousands of sellers, here is what we consistently see the top performers do to defend the price of their solution: They uncovered the value gap, they validate, they tell the truth. Learn more through our stories and tips.

Ep. 101 – Your Position, Not Your Product Gets the Meeting (and wins the deal)

When you think about getting a meeting or winning a deal, why do you think you will succeed at either? Most likely you will win or lose based, not on your solution, but on a decision you make, or don’t make about how you will position your solution.  You place a bet. You take a stand. Which means you will limit it to usually one thing that only you can do for your customer, your proprietary benefit.  Learn more this week on #sALESwithASLAN.

Ep. 100 – 100% Club: What Makes Consistent Sales Achievement Possible?

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome back our founders to reminisce the first 100 episodes of the podcast. To celebrate #100 we asked some friends from the sales profession to share why they consistently hit 100% of their quota. We learn from 7 individual career professionals on what makes them successful as they pass along pearls of wisdom to the rest of us. Download and subscribe so you can easily enjoy the next 100 episodes.

Ep. 99 – Question Intelligence – Best Practices in Sales Questioning

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome author and professor Dr. Brian Glibkowski, an expert on question intelligence. His new book called “Answer Intelligence: Raise your AQ”, addresses the academic and psychological side of questions and answers that is sure to bring insight to all those who sell for a living. You will learn from years of research and even get 20% off the book should you be interested.

Ep. 98 – 4 Sales Lessons from the Final Four

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome back ASLAN President Marc Lamson to have some fun with the lessons we as #salesreps and #salesmanagers can learn from watching the NCAA Final Four. The commonalities include sticking to the fundamentals, play your game, act like you have been there and remember, its not the best player that wins, it’s the best team.

Ep. 97 – Prospect the Account, not the Person!

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome back ASLAN President, Marc Lamson to discuss the three reasons you should not just give up on a lead if you don’t get through to the person that approached your company. Then we discuss a great solution for how to truly prospect that account. This will help #salesreps #B2Bsalesreps #prospecting reps or even #consultativesalesreps.

Ep. 96 – Tales from the Frontlines with Regional Vice President John Cerqueira

This week on #sALESwithASLAN, we welcome ASLAN Regional Vice President, John Cerqueira discusses the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel as we continue our #TalesFromTheFrontLines series. We unpack the emerging market dynamics, our changing sales process, how marketing has filled a void and the art of #teamselling.

ASLAN’s new podcast series is intended to be a light and fun way to talk about a serious subject: selling.

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Scott Cassidy, VP of Marketing


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A communications broadcasting major from Villanova University, Scott Cassidy was supposed to be the next Chris Berman on ESPN. That all changed when he learned to sell and market products. Today, Scott runs marketing and the certified reseller channel for ASLAN Training & Development.

Prior to joining ASLAN in October 2018, Scott worked for F500 companies including Eastman Kodak Company, Parametric Technology Corporation, and Schneider Electric. He has over 30 years of experience in sales, service, marketing and management through leading various sales and marketing organizations. He joined ASLAN to look after marketing, but is most fulfilled when in front of a room.

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