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With the help of ASLAN®, a high-tech manufacturing company changed their entire culture from top to bottom to grow revenue by 83.5%. By addressing their unique challenges with a custom ASLAN approach, this company was able to have a lasting impact on their sales organization, call center productivity, and annual projections.

By reading this case study, you will learn how ASLAN helped the company:

  • Increase the attachment rate and average order size by maximizing every interaction with the customer.
  • Equip their senior account reps with the skills to transition from selling the former core products that comprised the bulk of their market share to penetrating new markets with a new product offering.


As VP of Solutions, Sean’s passion is developing and creating a learning experience that emotionally taps into each learner, matches ASLAN’s commitment to excellence, and exceeds our client’s wildest expectations. Find him on:

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