7 Tips for Industrial Manufacturing Sales

Tips for industrial manufacturing sales

Sometimes the industrial manufacturing sales world can feel like a high-stakes game of whack-a-mole. Challenges and obstacles are constantly popping up, and more reps than ever are struggling to earn a seat at the table and drive results. Most industrial manufacturing sales reps are equipped with industry knowledge and fundamental sales skills. On the surface,…

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Best Virtual Sales Training Courses

sales training online

These days, you can order lunch, send a gift, schedule a meeting, and catch up on news (2x speed) all in the course of 30 minutes, all online.  Sales has undergone a seismic shift toward virtual in the past two years. In many industries, sales reps can meet with a dozen prospects in a day,…

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Best B2B Sales Training Tools

b2b tools

If you’re in sales, you might think everything is negotiable. But if you want to take your B2B sales team to the next level, one thing that’s non-negotiable is investing in training.  Sales training is a proven way to upskill your team, challenge their thinking, and encourage them to get creative when it comes to…

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What Your Sales Training Program is Missing

sales training

There’s no question that sales training programs can advance the success of both companies and their employees. By teaching the basics of effective selling techniques, these programs can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction levels.  But there’s a downside to many sales training programs: they often miss the mark when it comes to preparing employees…

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Tales from the Frontlines of Selling with Chris White

Every so often, we like to highlight stories from front-line sellers and sales trainers to discuss the practical applications of ASLAN’s philosophy and methodology. I recently sat down with Chris White, speaker, sales expert, Founder of Tech Sales Advisors, and bestselling author of The Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers, to unpack his own…

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The Psychology of Questions and Answers for Sales Reps

Asking effective, thought-provoking, and open-ended questions is one of the traits that distinguishes high-performing sales reps from the rest of the pack. It’s one of those key sales skills that helps salespeople uncover needs and reveal decision drivers to help their customers make the best choice for their business.  But there’s another side of the…

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4 Lessons in Selling From the Final Four

Tis the season! Or rather the end of the basketball season… and we’re excited to facilitate a collision of worlds with a discussion about two of our favorite things: selling and basketball.  Obviously we love our sports analogies here at ASLAN, and with the Final Four tournament concluding, we wanted to unpack the many parallels between…

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Social Selling and B2B Prospecting: 3 Keys to Guarantee Success

What is social selling? We’re going to unpack that today, as well as how that plays into prospecting in this virtual world of B2B selling. Essentially, there are 3 components we’ve identified and fleshed out, that go into doing this well. If you prefer to take this on the go and listen to our conversation…

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4 Simple Stress Management Tools for Sales Reps

Stress management – not a new concept to any sales professional… but still one worth talking about, especially as the new year brings about new business and new challenges.  “Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or nervous. Stress…

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