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Leadership – The #1 Driver to Sales Performance Part IV

Coaching drives increase sales performance -ASLAN

Myth #4: When coaching, focus on skills. The last few blogs have focused on the #1 characteristic of high-performers: desire, including how to create it, how to measure it, and how it affects coaching. Now I want to attack a myth about evaluating performance. Instead of starting with sales strategy skills, you should start with…

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Sales Management – The #1 Driver to Sales Performance Part III

Sales Management Is the #1 driver to sales performance

If you’ve been following along with this sales management series,  Sales Management Myth #2: You Can’t Measure Desire. With the last blog in our sales strategy series, we explored a topic that’s even more important than coaching: igniting the desire to be coached.  Often when I teach a workshop on leadership and coaching, I’m asked…

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Why are Sales Management and Sales Enablement Leaders Failing?

Sales management leaders are failing

I’ve recently attended two conferences for sales management and sales enablement leaders. They were different events, but they both had the same focus: Even though the economy is growing, sales performance is not. So what were both conferences about? Finding the next big fix. That’s probably why so many sales productivity tools are so hot…

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Top Coaching Methods That Drives Successful Results

Sales Coaching Podcast

This week on sALES with ASLAN®, VP of Marketing Scott Cassidy chats with ASLAN President Marc Lamson on sales coaching and what it means to lead and manage successfully  (hint: It starts with a nice beer on Friday afternoons).  Scott Cassidy:  Welcome back to another episode of sAles with ASLAN with the little S in…

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The One Thing Missing from Every Sales Process

Sales process

Every sales process is missing one step When I’m passionately trying to make a point, I’ve been known to overstate reality to boost my argument. I use words like “millions” or “never” or “always,” especially with my wife, to win the argument or sell an idea. This isn’t one of those times. I have reviewed…

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