What is Sales Prospecting?

sales prospecting

It’s doubtful you’re picturing an old fashioned gold prospector with long-johns and a shotgun. It’s also doubtful that sales leaders and reps have a flawless grasp of sales prospecting in today’s market. If you/your reps have 0 issues finding and accessing great leads, please stop reading. In fact, write us. We want you on our…

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3 Tips for Successful Cold Outreach

cold calling sales

Freshly fallen snow on a breath-catching slope, a just-cracked can of something fizzy, blood-pumping cryotherapy: plenty of great things are cold.  So let’s lose the idea that “cold calling” or “cold outreach” is the worst. It’s not. Your reps just don’t have the tools they need to succeed. At least, that’s what we typically find.…

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What the Best Enterprise Sales Training Programs Have in Common

enterprise sales training

At the enterprise level, reps are playing with table stakes. They need to have a handful of relevant skills they can deploy on-demand to win.  Of course, it’s much more than a game-the-system situation. Enterprise sales are typified by lengthy cycles, strategy, relationship-building, negotiation, and more. The best enterprise sales training programs need to be…

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6 Sales Manager Training Ideas to Try Today

sales coaching

The workforce is changing, the market is in flux, and sales approaches that worked last year may not be effective anymore. Many sales leaders are being asked to lead sales reps who are up against challenges like global market shifts and increasing unreceptivity.  So how do you motivate and equip sales managers for success in…

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What to Expect from an Enterprise Sales Management Training Program

sales manager training

Sales leaders in enterprise organizations face high demands, high expectations, and the pressure to get results. They have to be trained to achieve at that level.  If you fall into this camp, here’s what you should expect from an enterprise sales management training program. At ASLAN, we support the success of enterprise organizations by empowering…

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Sales Training Delivery: What Works (& What Doesn’t)

sales training

Great sales training means reaching as many people as possible in ways they understand. This is far easier said than done. Some people tune out to a lecture, but can get fully engaged in a roleplay scenario. Other people need to get involved as players in acting things out or exchange thoughts out loud. Still…

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How Sales is Like Parenting

sales and parenting

Listen & Learn Successful sales relationships are built on trust, acceptance, and understanding.  It’s a lot like a parenting relationship: You set a boundary — that boundary gets challenged You try to clearly communicate what’s expected — that can get ignored, misconstrued, or convoluted somehow Everyone can get heated or emotional At the end of…

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Before & After: Essential Components of the Sales Training Process

The effectiveness of sales training is determined far before it begins, and continues long after everyone has exited the conference room or logged off the video call. From my experience, I have found that the “before and after” is what many companies miss, and it makes all of the difference. At ASLAN, we’ve honed the…

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Sales Manager Training Ideas

Sales managers play an important role. They manage the plan and productivity. They support sales reps in their efforts to hit numbers. It can be a hard role to do well, and requires an advanced set of skills. If your sales managers are ineffective, frustrated, at a loss; or if you are a sales manager…

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