Sales Coaching

The One Thing Missing from Every Sales Process

Sales process

Every sales process is missing one step When I’m passionately trying to make a point, I’ve been known to overstate reality to boost my argument. I use words like “millions” or “never” or “always,” especially with my wife, to win the argument or sell an idea. This isn’t one of those times. I have reviewed…

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Evaluating a Training Company

training company

So, what is the best way to evaluate a training company? Is it a slick brochure on the programs offered? Probably helpful but it’s hard to condense a two or three-day program down to 500 words. What about the results our programs have produced over the last 20 years? Absolutely, and we have tons of…

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Genesis of ASLAN


“Where did the name ASLAN come from?” It’s a common question I hear when meeting a prospective client. “Is it a combination of the founders’ initials or an acronym of our sales methodology?” No, it’s much more than that. The name reveals the deeper purpose of our company. In December of 1995, I was reading…

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