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ASLAN’s Top Resources: What’s on Our Bookshelf

top sales books

You are what you read. While it sounds like a quippy little tagline that belongs on magnets and coffee mugs, it’s absolutely true, and you pick up much more through reading than you realize. From teaching you how to organize your knowledge to building subconscious models and connections in your mind, reading shapes our experiences…

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Sales Coaching – Reduce the Excuse

sales coaching

All the experts and data say the same thing about sales coaching – it works. Initially, I thought I would start this article off with a series of data-driven statistics to substantiate the case I’m about to make, but if you are in sales, you already know it is true. Sales organizations that effectively coach…

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The Go-Around And How We Communicate With our Customers

“This is the Captain; everything is OK. The aircraft ahead was going too slow, so we’re doing a go-around. Should have you on the ground in about 10 minutes.” This is what our pilot said to us while landing a couple of months ago in Atlanta. Have you ever been on a flight that did…

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More Sales By Creating More Receptive Prospects

The following article by ASLAN Training Senior Sales Consultant JD Clockadale was written for and recently published in NAFA Annuity Outlook. More Sales By Creating More Receptive Prospects If you were to take a David Letterman-style “Man on the Street” poll about how the public would describe sales people, chances are you would hear things like…

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What if Dean Smith Didn’t Have Time to Coach?

Where would countless basketball players (and coaches) be today if one of the winningest coaches in college basketball history hadn’t found time to coach?   You don’t have to love basketball, or any other sport, to appreciate the value and influence of a great coach. They all have one thing in common: They made the…

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