4 Key Sales Challenges in Manufacturing

sales challenges

Sales in the manufacturing industry can feel like a page ripped straight from Dante’s Inferno – “abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” That might be a bit overdramatic, but you don’t have to spend much time in the manufacturing space to understand that the struggle is real. Before you throw in the cards, let’s…

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Mastering Sales in Chemical Manufacturing

mastering chemical manufacturing sales

Have you ever heard the old saying that “the only constant is change?” Those five words could be used to describe most sectors of the sales industry, but it is particularly true for the chemical manufacturing world. Quips aside, the fact is consistent sales success isn’t easy, and reps across the board are struggling to…

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Overcome Objections To Get A Meeting

Overcome objections to get a meeting

Your reps may be great at peeling back the layers of each organization to find the right decision-maker, but how do they overcome objections and a meeting? Chances are there is a gatekeeper that is ready to throw up one objection after another, all in an effort to filter out the riff-raff and not waste…

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Overcoming Objections To Close A Sale

overcoming objections

The prospect is a great fit. Check. The prospect’s needs and challenges are clearly understood. Check. The rep has gone out of their way to make the process easy. Check. The deal should be a slam dunk – right? Sales reps can do everything right, and yet overcoming objections can still creep into the equation…

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Corporate Sales Prospecting: How to Do it Right

meeting corporate

How can you train your enterprise sales reps to more effectively prospect for new clients? Prospecting is tough. Targets receive countless new sales messages every week. Among the noise of our digitized world, it’s becoming more and more difficult for sales reps to earn even a moment of attention.  No matter how tough it is,…

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Sales Prospecting Tools to Use Today

sales tools

The rolodex has taken its place in the archives of history as an old-school way to collect and organize contact information. Physical business cards are being steadily replaced with a phone tap which sends data straight from device to device. When reps pick up a phone, it’s a pretty sure bet that they pulled that…

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What’s at the Core of Effective Sales Training

All sales training looks alike. Right? On the surface, there are a lot of apples next to apples — similar steps, similar scenario-based practice, similar evaluation. But under the hood, there are some key differences. In most sales training, two huge components are missing. When these are overlooked or unaddressed, companies like yours spend all…

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3 Components of a Great Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program

The days of walking into a physician’s office, getting a meeting, and selling a product (as an easy wham-bam) are long gone. Due to regulatory shifts, the days of golf outings, wining and dining, and other sales nurturing efforts are also gone. There has been a monumental shift in what it takes to sell pharmaceuticals.…

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Virtual Sales Training vs. In-Person Sales Training

Life in the glowing box: it’s our new normal.  We’ve grown accustomed to remote work, virtual team building, and digital-first culture. Most sales organization leaders have accepted the fact that some training will be virtual. But should it all be? Now is a good time for leaders to step back and consider: Does virtual sales…

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The Best Way to Establish a Relationship with a Prospect

There are 5 things I have learned in 25 years of prospecting. (I know, that’s only one thing every five years), but hear me out… I’ve learned more, but these five seem not as obvious as others, like “know your customers,” which I did not when I made my first prospecting call in September 1993.  …

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