Sales Prospecting Tools to Use Today

sales tools

The rolodex has taken its place in the archives of history as an old-school way to collect and organize contact information. Physical business cards are being steadily replaced with a phone tap which sends data straight from device to device. When reps pick up a phone, it’s a pretty sure bet that they pulled that…

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A Lesson in Cultivating Receptivity from Shark Tank

Since 2009, entrepreneurs have pitched their ideas and dreams to a panel of ‘sharks’ on the hit reality show Shark Tank. The sharks – titans of industry who have made their own dreams a reality and turned their ideas into lucrative empires, listen to pitches and decide whether or not to invest their money in…

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The Biggest Barrier to Influence in Sales (and in Life)

The biggest challenge facing sellers today is that most customers in the marketplace are unreceptive. They are resistant, not to a solution to their problems, but to salespeople and their attempts to engage.  With the amount of readily accessible information, customers no longer want or need to interact with sales reps. And when customers are…

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Prospect Your Way to Selling Success – Step 4: Remove Tension

Steps one, two and three focused on navigating the obvious barriers to getting more meetings with decision makers. This next step is about addressing perhaps the most ominous challenge – one that’s never verbally communicated but is always present. Step Four: Remove the Tension In almost every interaction between seller and prospect, a certain tension…

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Prospect Your Way to Selling Success – Step 3: 3-Minute Meeting

Start Filling Your Pipeline with This Simple Yet Effective 3-Minute Prospecting Tactic

If you’ve been following me on this step-by-step approach to filling your pipeline, you already know how to capture the prospect’s attention and the best answer to the question: “Why meet?” Next, we need to move this total stranger from “this looks interesting” to giving up their most precious resource: time.  The best way to…

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Prospect Your Way to Selling Success – Step 2: “Why Meet?”

Facing Obstacles to Prospecting? Triple Your Success Rate with This Step-by-Step Approach

If you understand and implement the principles offered in Step One, you will get the prospect’s attention. As the suit guy says, “I guarantee it.” Like unexpectedly jumping out from behind a door, there are some predictable things you can do to control eyeballs when facing obstacles to prospecting. The next step is a bit…

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Prospect Your Way to Selling Success – Step 1: Attention

For the past 25 years, we’ve been studying what I (and most sellers) believe is the most difficult aspect of selling: prospecting.  Whether you’re an account manager or biz development rep, hunter or farmer, your income and value are based on the revenue you create. Whether hunting for new accounts or hunting within existing accounts,…

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