Call Center Sales

Exposing the 6 Myths of Call Center Sales: The Motivation Myth

Call center sales training Myths

If you’re responsible for a call center, you know how hard it is to deliver excellent customer service consistently, while at the same time continually reducing costs.  The last thing you need is a whole new set of demands and challenges. But you’ve got them anyway, because now you’re now being asked to generate new…

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Go Sell Yourself (3 Fundamentals to Prospecting)

Have you ever stopped to think what it would take to sell yourself something? I mean to call you during dinner and really have your beliefs changed about a product or a service and get you to stop eating and invest your hard-earned money. Do you have what it takes to sell yourself? When I…

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Sales Prospecting: Earning Presidents and Benjamins Faster

Spending too much time on low probability prospects can put a serious damper on your sales execution and the receptivity of your audience. A sales team that is not effective at qualifying prospects before they begin their sales process is a bit like someone holding a heavy metal concert for a group of classical music…

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Who Said “No”?

I hate the phrase, “Never take no for an answer.” It’s a sales philosophy that confirms the decision-maker’s preconceived notion that sales reps are pushy, arrogant, and self-centered. But here’s what I do agree with: never accept no from someone who can’t say yes. That’s not original with me but I like the sentiment. I…

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The Element Of Surprise

I enjoy comedy. Of course, I have my own preferences when it comes to “good comedy.” For late night, I’m a Jimmy Kimmel guy with Conan and Fallon close seconds. Sitcoms – it will be hard to ever top Seinfeld. That said – last week’s end to The Office was a special moment for this…

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If You Aim At Nothing, You Will Hit It Every Time

You are sitting in a coffee shop, or maybe at your cubicle, prepping for your first discovery meeting with a prospect (at least I hope you’re prepping). You know you need to learn more about their needs, so you begin thinking about ….what? What do you typically focus on? If you are like most sales…

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