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Track performance, empower sales, and simplify coaching.

For much of the sales world, the notion that coaching is an essential ingredient in improving sales organizations is not up for debate. But though the debate may be over, most sales leaders will tell you that while they may have time to manage, they simply just don’t have the time to coach….What if you could cut your coaching time in half and get better results?

ASLAN has created a cloud-based dashboard that ensures sales managers have everything that drives results directly at their fingertips - the key dials on the dashboard displaying a rep’s productivity, engagement level, and competency.

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Not only does this tool make it easier to keep a pulse on the critical KPIs, it simplifies and automates the coaching process by ensuring your leaders know:

  • Where to invest their time to get the greatest return on their coaching investment 
  • How to determine the root cause of the performance problem 
  • What’s the best way to bridge the gap
  • How to track each team member’s development plan 
  • How to quantify the impact of coaching and a rep’s sales effectiveness
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Catalyst Dashboard by ASLAN Training

Understand performance

Understanding Poor Performance

  • The dashboard can be loaded with multiple, customized assessments (e.g., Fundamental Selling Skills, Presentation Skills, Territory Management, Technical Expertise) built around the unique competencies required to sell your solution. 
  • Assessments include a description of the desired results and key indicators. So if results are not achieved, relevant behaviors are revealed, ensuring the coach can accurately assess root cause.
Diagnosing performance gap

Diagnosing The Performance Gap

  • The dashboard is populated with a diverse library of over 400 Developmental Activities and learning labs, all organized by key sales behaviors and the rep’s current skill level. The library can be expanded to include unlimited developmental resources unique to your organization.
  • Based on the identified behavior and rep skill level, dashboard Developmental Activities automatically appear ensuring the coaching sessions ends with a plan to bridge the gap
Tracking development plan

Tracking The Development Plan

  • Once the development plan is assigned, it is logged by rep and due date, making it easy to track each rep’s progress.
  • Based on the rep’s effort invested in completing the assignment, the dashboard categorizes each team member (Independent, Detractor, Striver or Achiever) by engagement level to ensure the appropriate coaching strategy.
Improve sales performance

Improving Sales Leaders

Once managers can accurately and simply diagnose the root cause of poor sales execution, then prescribe the relevant developmental activities, and easily track and hold reps accountable to the development plan-improved performance is inevitable and measurable.