sales skills

7 Questions & 7 Resolutions to Sell More in 2019

Based on research, most sellers didn’t hit their numbers in 2018. If you fall into that category or you just want to sell more in the coming year, here are ...
why am i here

The Why Blog

Why are you here - on this earth, this big sphere, right now? How's that for a casual conversation starter at your next backyard gathering? There was a woman in ...
truth about learning

The Truth About Learning

Insights from the recent LinkedIn 2017 Workplace Learning Report For more information on how ASLAN can help with your learning and development efforts, check out our training and coaching resources ...

ASLAN Training CEO Tom Stanfill interview on JF Interview Series

ASLAN Training CEO and Founder Tom Stanfill was recently highlighted on the JF Interview Series and discussed the impact of the changes within the selling process. Selling has gotten harder ...
sales coaching

Sales Coaching – Reduce the Excuse

All the experts and data say the same thing about sales coaching – it works. Initially, I thought I would start this article off with a series of data-driven statistics ...

Go Sell Yourself (3 Fundamentals to Prospecting)

Have you ever stopped to think what it would take to sell yourself something? I mean to call you during dinner and really have your beliefs changed about a product ...

A Surprising Tip for the Toughest Presentations

Think about your most difficult presentation Your toughest audience, or the time where you had little to no shot at changing the minds of the decision-making team. Despite the odds, ...


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