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Preparing For Your Next Sales Call Can Save Your Marriage!

What? How is preparing for a sales call anything like preparing for marriage?   For nearly 20 years, my wife and I have been a lead couple for Pre-Cana, the ...

What Has the Most Impact on Rep Performance? (Part II)

By Tom Stanfill, CEO of Aslan Training & Development In the last application, I challenged you to expand your role beyond just delivering a score card (i.e., assessment of performance), ...

The Problem with Asking Questions in Sales

My wife is a fan of the TV show Biggest Loser – and according to the ratings numbers, she is not alone!   Seems millions of Americans tune in weekly to ...

What do you need from the Grocery Store?

What do you need to pick up from the grocery store? Simple question. The look on the rep's face seemed to acknowledge that fact. It also communicated something else. She couldn't ...
Jim Moran

Could You Sell an Icebox to an Eskimo?

The following article is written with apologies to and great respect for Alaska’s Inuit people who have historically been referred to by outsiders as “Eskimo” but who have never used ...


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