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Preparing For Your Next Sales Call Can Save Your Marriage!

What? How is preparing for a sales call anything like preparing for marriage?   For nearly 20 years, my wife and I have been a lead couple for Pre-Cana, the ...

A Surprising Tip for the Toughest Presentations

Think about your most difficult presentation, your toughest audience, or the time where you had little to no shot at changing the minds of the decision-making team. Despite the odds, ...

The Problem with Sales Techniques

  The #1 Technique to Becoming a More Effective Seller:  Don’t Focus on Techniques  As I read all the advice and articles posted about the secret, magical words to say ...

18 Unique Inside Sales Challenges (Infographic)

A look at the 18 unique challenges of those in the role of inside sales.

The Putting Problem: Why Executives Don’t Invest in Sales Training

Check out this article recently published by and written by ASLAN CEO and co-founder Tom Stanfill on how we validate the impact of our training initiatives efforts. The Putting Problem: Why Executives ...

Five Traits of Sales Leaders Who Always Beat Their Number

Check out this article recently published by Selling Power and written by ASLAN CEO and co-founder Tom Stanfill on what he's learned from the sales leaders who are consistently on top. Five Traits ...

The Two Reasons Traditional Objection Handling Isn’t Effective (and how to do it effectively)

You had a productive call/meeting with a potential client when suddenly they show some hesitation. “I’m not really sure about …,” they say. In response, you give some stats from ...


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