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ASLAN Named Top 20

Sales Training Company for 2016

Featured by Selling Power

Selling Power Features ASLAN Training & Development on 2016 Top 20 Sales Training Companies List

Today ASLAN Training & Development proudly announced that it has been named among the annual Selling Power Top 20 Sales Training Companies for the fourth consecutive year.

Atlanta, GA. — [May] 2016 — Today ASLAN Training & Development announced that it has been included on the 2016 list of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies that excel in helping sales leaders improve the performance of their sales teams. The list appears in the June issue of Selling Power magazine, which will be available to subscribers the first week of June. This is the fourth consecutive year that ASLAN Training & Development has been named to the list.

ASLAN-Training-Selling-Power-Top-20“Selling Power is the number one resource for information on leading-edge sales strategy. We are once again honored to be named to their list of top 20 sales training companies,” said Tom Stanfill, CEO of ASLAN Training & Development.  

According to Selling Power publisher and founder Gerhard Gschwandtner, sales training is a vital component of a high-performance sales organization.

“Sales training is a competitive differentiator for top-performing sales teams,” says Gschwandtner. “Sales leaders should use this list of the Top 20 Sales Training Companies to see which companies are offering the best and most advanced offerings available on the market today.”

Each sales-training company featured on this year’s list offers sales organizations the following benefits.

  • Provides a consultative experience.
  • Quantifies results with metrics.
  • Offers customization and post-training support.
  • Has a documented track record of ROI and customer satisfaction.

Here are the four main criteria Selling Power considered when selecting the top sales-training companies.

  1. Depth and breadth of training offered
  2. Innovative offerings (specific training courses, methodology, or delivery methods) 
  3. Contributions to the sales-training market
  4. Strength of client satisfaction

“We are once again honored and humbled to be named to the Top 20 Sales Training Companies as we believe in the importance of the criteria Selling Power uses when curating this prestigious list. In fact, we refer to this criteria throughout the year to ensure we are positioned amongst the very top sales training partners in the industry,” said Marc Lamson, President of ASLAN Training & Development.

Selling Power editors say the firms included on the 2016 Top 20 Sales Training Companies list are uniquely positioned to help sales leaders create organizations that will succeed and remain competitive in today’s selling environment.

For more information, visit sellingpower.com or call Selling Power headquarters at (540) 752-7000.

About Selling Power  In addition to Selling Power magazine, the leading periodical for sales managers and sales VPs since 1981, Selling Power Inc. produces the Sales Management Digest and Daily Boost of Positivity online newsletters, as well as a five-minute video series featuring interviews with top executives. Selling Power is a regular media sponsor of the Sales 2.0 Conference.

About Gerhard Gschwandtner Gerhard Gschwandtner is the founder and CEO of Selling Power and the publisher of Selling Power magazine. He conducts a popular Daily Report video series featuring interviews with top sales and marketing executives and CEOs, and he regularly hosts the Sales 2.0 Conference. He is a recipient of the Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. 2010 Ambassador of Free Enterprise Award. Read his blog at blog.sellingpower.com.

About ASLAN Training & Development  ASLAN Training and Development is a global sales training and consulting firm that offers customized, inside sales training, field sales training, and sales leadership development. Since 1996 ASLAN has helped internationally recognized brands, such as FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, National Geographic, Schneider Electric, and others, improve the performance of their sales reps and managers. ASLAN recognizes that all sales roles are not the same and has developed a total suite of solutions that includes strategies for hiring, transitioning managers into coaches and leaders, and improving overall performance for each of the 11 unique sales roles. To learn more about how we can help your organization bridge the gap in sales force execution, visit us at ASLANTraining.com or call us at (866) 362-6496.


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